Wagon R Wide

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The Suzuki Wagon R Wide, introduced in February 1997, is a slightly larger vehicle, exceeding the specifications Kei car, and the major search engines: 996cc (K10A, 48 kW / 88Nm), 996cc Turbo (jdm, New Zealand and Australia, K10A, 73 kW / 118Nm) and 1.2 (K12A, 51 kW / 93Nm) liter engine. The Suzuki Wagon R Wide sold the Suzuki Wagon R + in the European market (and introduced in the same year) and translations of the construction of the K10A 1.0 and K12A 1.2. The only other tall wagon style car on sale in Europe around the time of its introduction the Move Daihatsu. The car is made in Japan. Has not moved and was prone to rust, especially in this Sills, after years of use of the Central and Northern Europe. The Suzuki Wagon R Wide slightly facelifted in May 1998, and this Suzuki Wagon R Wide sold in Europe under the Suzuki Wagon R +. In Europe the first generation was sold in 1997 until May 2000.

When the second generation Wagon R Wide launched in May 1999, the Suzuki Wagon R + in Japan as well. This version of the new sales began to European markets in the summer of 2000. The main difference between jdm Wagon R Wide / + and European Suzuki Wagon R + is the door handles, which on jdm models body-colored while European models received a black door handles.

In December 2000, the Japanese model-Spec attributed to the Suzuki Wagon R Solio, and this was available for both X trim level bottom-of-the-line and in a more sports-oriented trim level known as 1.3. In June 2002, the 1.0 E trim level was added to the Wagon R Solio. In August 2003, was released in mid-facelift Wagon R Solio. In April 2004, the Wagon R Solio attributed to the Solio, loss Wagon R moniker. In August 2005, a Solio facelifted started.

However, Suzuki Wagon R + first offered in Europe in 2000, but made Magyar Suzuki in Esztergom, Hungary. This was because it was very difficult or Wagon R Solio or Solio meet Euro NCAP crash safety ratings. As a result, the Wagon R + remained in Europe until late 2008, when the Splash.

Although Kei-version of the Suzuki Wagon R through the third and fourth generation, the Solio broad remained in its second generation until you’re full model change in December 2010. The third generation of the Solio is based on the Suzuki Palette instead Wagon R, although the palette itself uses the platform Wagon R’s. This generation of Solio (MA15) provides a basis for an OEM deal with Mitsubishi, rebadged as the Mitsubishi Delica D: 2, released in March 2011. In Japan, it was sold at a retail chain in a special called Car Plaza.

Currently it is unknown if the new Solio shipped to India or not. If so, it will begin sales of any late-2011 or early-2012 as Maruti Suzuki Solio, and will not be modified and Indianized to different price bracket for that country, comparisons to the Suzuki Wagon R and the Estilo.

Suzuki Wagon R Wide

Suzuki Wagon R Wide