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Volvo Cars introduced the Volvo V50 at the 2003 Bologna Motor Show, as the station wagon version of the Volvo S40 small family car, both models in their pocket atGhent, inBelgium. Sharing the Ford C1 platform with the European Ford Focus and the Mazda 3, the V50 an interior “theater” light, a floating center stack and “qualified Volvo vehicle architecture”. The V50 T5 AWD features four-wheel drive and a long-5 2.5-liter oil ingine with a licht-pressure turbocharger, four valves per cylinder and a DOHC design with variable camshaft timing – providing 220 PS (162 kW; 217 hp) and 320 N · m (236 lb · ft) of torque. Diesel options are available in Europe, includind a 2.4 Litre turbocharged C5 diesel engine that provides 180 PS (132 kW; 178 hp) and 350 N · m (258 lb · ft) of torque. Within the United States, Volvo sales limits and V50 PZEV caurs ten states where it is required, including California, Florida, Vermont, Connecticut, Arizona, Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New York, Oregon, Maine, New Jersey , Rhode Island, New Mexico and Washington

Volvo V50 Interior

The Volvo V50 is so smart inside and out, refreshing as a walk in the Scandinavian winter forest, the V50 is to be a clear place. With instrument “floating” signature cell, the interior has a quality feel, space and subtlety. Everything seems with the intention of calming the drivers face problems have been developed. The only risk is that drivers who like to play a series of buttons teensy-weensy bored with maybe just a little.

Volvo V50 Engine

The range of V50 engines had a mid-life, and now has three petrol and two diesel models. In the first field, it is a 2-liter engine and a powerful 143bhp 2.5-liter 217bhp T5. Choose a diesel and there is a 113bhp D2, D3 and D4 with 148bhp to 177bhp. We drove the 2.4-liter D4 with a top speed of 140 miles per hour and the ability to 62 mph in 8.2 seconds to beat, and really liked it. This could be to fashion a practical vehicle with a nod, but it certainly has the power in the manga too. Depending on the performance are all available engines with a five-speed manual or six-speed automatic Geartronic.

Volvo V50 Operating Cost

The average fuel consumption of 48.7mpg for the model we drove a reasonably fuel-efficient driving associated. However, it is up to 31.4mpg and 65.7mpg D2 T5 increases with 1.6-liter. Similar insurance varies greatly between D2 and T5 models. The guarantees cover the first three years or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first realization. You can expect to lose the car more than half of their original purchase price after two years. This is actually a car, inside and out. Its predecessor, the V40 is very reliable. What problems usually mild and do not keep the car on the road for long. The V50 is the subject of several recalls to solve problems with the braking system, acceleration and gear.

Volvo V50 Safety

Volvo aimed to achieve the same standards with the V50, as it did with the S80 – awarded a four-star Euro NCAP. For this purpose, increases the rigidity of the vehicle, while the front of the vehicle in areas better protection should the cockpit was divided. To the side and rear passenger curtain, while the front also benefit from front and side airbags. It is also a protection against whiplash system.

Volvo V50 Sportwagon

Volvo V50 Sportwagon

It is a bit complicated here, because there are ES, SE, SE Lux and R Design DRIVe range. All models are adequately equipped with design models that I planned a V50 sports car with a body kit and silver roof rails. Highlights for the SE models have 17-inch wheels, alloy wheels, cruise control, wipers and automotive. SE Lux additional bonus in the form of a leather upholstery, carpets, heated seats and folding mirrors. Drive models focus on the economy and stopping and starting is integrated wheels and aerodynamic alloy.

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