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The Volvo S40 is producing a D-segment car from Volvo Cars. He led the first generation Volvo S40 and Volvo S40 cars in 1995. The second generation came in 2004, and the name of the property changed V50. The range was replaced by the Volvo V40 five-door hatchback in 2012.

Volvo S40 First Generation (1995-2004)

In the summer of 1995, the Volvo S4 and F4 series published, but had to change the model, as in conflict with Audi, which already named “S4” reserved. The quickly renamed S40 saloon and V40 estate, NedCar manufactured in the factory in the Netherlands and based on a common platform with the Mitsubishi Carisma. The V40 with a friction coefficient of 0.32, was the first model to design director are presented together under the guidance of British designer Peter Horbury, Volvo, and operates in Australia, North America, South America and the Far East markets. The V40 was to break the most beautiful in the world “at the Italian ceremony.

In 2000 Volvo updated the 40 Series, a series of technical improvements, such as better management, direct fuel injection, extra safety features, larger brake discs engine, new implementation front axle and steering, revised rear suspension, larger tires and a widening of the track width. A minor facelift gave larger headlights and rationalization and larger as well as smaller instruments and shuffle board taillights.

The 40 Series cars were derived equipped with four-cylinder engines, such as 1.9 or 1.6 Turbo Diesel, 1.8, 1.9, 2.0T petrol T4 or 2.0 fuel quantity all from the modular engine series that white block started life in the Volvo 960 and carried in both 5 and 6 cyl formats in large four-wheel drive cars in front of the Volvo. It was also a 1.8L gasoline direct injection from Mitsubishi provided under the platform of exchanges between the 40 series and the Carisma.

The Volvo S40 and V40 series was a completely new car from scratch, without transferring engines except the 1.9 Turbo Diesel engine from the old 400 series. Variants of turbo high and low pressure in the upper range of engines. The 2.0T was rounded down and badged as 1.9T and was the only engine available in North America. 5 speed manual transmission, widely used in Europe was not certified S40 North America, with a 5-speed automatic transmission as the only option. No electric CVT transmission was in contrast to the 440 igh Tech Auto CVT that had been released before the 400 series was planned completely removed. In the UK trim levels were XS, SE and CD.

A racing version in the British Touring Car Championship was introduced in 1997 and 1998, took the car, with Rickard Rydell, the championship. With the platform are the most common components of the suspension and gearbox bearings and Evolution Mitsubishi Carisma Proton Impian and III. The Volvo S40 is the first car to earn four stars from Euro NCAP.

Volvo S40 Second Generation  (2004-2012)

Introduced introduced in the middle of the 2004 model year, the second generation Volvo S40, a new design based on the Volvo P1 platform at the Volvo Cars factory in Ghent, Belgium built. At the same time, the V40 was the V50, also based on the P1 platform and built in Ghent replaced. The S40 was nominated for the World Car of the Year 2005 and won the Canadian Car of the Year Best New Sport Compact Award in 2005. It has also been elected the South African Car of the Year 2005 by the South African Guild of journalists.

The chassis of the car and most of its components were developed by Volvo, mechanical parts, though similar in the Mazda3 and European Ford Focus are available. The engine, a 2.5-liter 5-cylinder is the latest generation of 5-cylinder engine from Volvo. These five online constantly developed by Volvo since the debut of the engine in the 850 in 1993. The top of the line S40 T5 AWD, as well as the 2.4 and 2.4i powertrain is still made by Volvo. The transmission is developed with Getrag bought Center Koping Volvo in Sweden and the AWD system from Haldex Traction of Sweden.

The Volvo S40 T5 has a 2.5-liter five-cylinder fuel injection of a light-pressure turbo. The valvetrain has four valves per cylinder and a DOHC design. The engine is mounted transversely to the front of the vehicle, and drives the front wheels, as well as the first generation. Volvo S40 new range of engines and transmissions has been introduced at the end of May 2010. In North America, but the engine naturally aspirated 5-cylinder, four-wheel drive and manual transmission for the 2011 model year has been adjusted so that only the automatic drive Front wheel drive T5 in base and R-Design. The 2011 model year was the last for the S40 and V50 in the United States and Canada.

Volvo S40 Gallery

Volvo S40 2002

Volvo S40 2002


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