Volkswagen Golf TDI

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The 2015 Volkswagen Golf TDI is the diesel variant of Volkswagen Mc motor. Golf VII, and is an attractive alternative to hybrid travelers. Forty years and 30 million sales in the career of Golf, the seventh generation VW Golf finally debuts in North America, over a year after its appearance in the homeland. The standard 2015 Golf TSI should reach dealers in June, variants of three and five doors. The Volkswagen Golf GTI and five-door Volkswagen Golf TDI followed in August. A single electric E-Golf and Mc. VII Wagon will arrive in the first quarter of 2015.

The alignment Volkswagen Golf TDI VW will be the first American built from the MQB platform company, promoted by its flexibility and cost advantages. The front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive MQB uses essentially one part identical between the steering box and the firewall, regardless of the vehicle or application. Is the key section of the body when it comes to engineering, both for crash protection and vehicle assembly and modular approach is potentially huge savings in development costs and assembly. Moving from the basis of a single engine / chassis, MQB accommodates everything from a compact car like the VW Polo European a midsize SUV as the Touareg. Simplifies the adaptation of standard gasoline engine hybrid CNG – all of which will be offered in the new golf course at some point.

One of the consequences for the Golf is a body that is stronger and more rigid than the Mk. VI, but also lighter, providing the largest single contribution to at least a slight reduction in weights through the curb line. Most external dimensions increase slightly Golf: length and wheelbase 2.1 inches wide by almost an inch. The roof, however, is a lower inch, and the drag coefficient falls from.32 to .29.The unit is welded body structure 28 percent ultra-high strength, hot-formed steel, compared to 6 per cent in the Mk. Golf VI.

The Volkswagen Golf TDI diesel 2.0-liter turbo is new generation VW EA288. Wolfsburg engineers focused on reducing weight and friction, thus cutting at least 15 percent. Horsepower increases by 10 to 150, compared to TDI ’14; 236 lb-ft of torque, the diesel offers 18 percent more than the rotation of the new standard Golf 1.8 liter turbocharged gasoline four. Emissions are also substantially reduced below the levels required by the standards of California LEV III that will not be mandated by 2018.

A six-speed manual is standard on the Volkswagen Golf TDI, DSG VW Group but is available for a reasonable price $ 1,100 extra. Volkswagen Cross XDS differential, previously reserved for the GTI is now standard across the line. Electronically balanced torque delivery inner front wheel braking in a curve to help control understeer.

All Golfs get familiar strut suspension in front, and all but the Volkswagen Golf TDI apply a new, fully independent multilink arrangement at the rear. The TDI uses a rear torsion beam axle, and can not understand exactly why, unless you save some money on the cost of heavy diesel.

Models of North America will be built golf in VW assembly plant in Puebla, Mexico, where the change of MQB has been the largest contributor to the slow start in the United States. All trim levels add at least some content for money. Bluetooth is standard across the line, like a new safety feature automatic call after collision braking, which applies after an accident brakes for side impacts. Options include leather upholstery, keyless start, power driver seat, 400-watt Fender audio, navigation, adaptive bi-xenon headlamps with LED DRL, Park Distance Control and Forward Collision Warning.

The Volkswagen Golf TDI starts at $ 22,815, including destination charge of $ 820. That’s $ 3,000 less than the 2014, which can probably be attributed to savings in MQB. Currently, the GTI represents 40 percent of the sales of golf in the United States, the highest worldwide in both the share and the absolute number. The remaining 60 percent is divided equally between the variants of petrol and diesel standard, and VW expects the Volkswagen Golf TDI to continue gaining ground.

Volkswagen Golf TDI 2014

Volkswagen Golf TDI 2014

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