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The Toyota Tundra is a pickup truck manufactured in the US Japanese manufacturer Toyota since May 1999. Toyota Tundra was not simply the first full pickup for the Japanese manufacturer, but it was also nominated for the North American Truck of the Year award and was a Truck magazine Motor Trend of the Year 2000 and 2008. Currently Toyota Tundra is assembled in San Antonio, Texas, USA where the production was consolidated in 2008, and the full pickup truck manufactured in Texas, where trucks serve many purposes and have become an integral part of state.

The first generation of Toyota Tundra had many similarities with the old Toyota AT100 and compact Toyota Tacoma. The pressure on those similarities was the shared use of a 3.4 liter V6 engine which was the top engine line both Tacoma and AT100. V6 engine would serve as the base engine for the Tundra, while the second powerplant, a first Toyota truck, V8 engine at 4.7 liters were added to the system. As of 2015, the Toyota Tundra sold in the US, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Honduras, Bolivia, Chile, and French territory of New Caledonia in LHD only.

Toyota Tundra First Generation (2000-2006)

Publicly launched in May 1999 the model 2000, the Toyota Tundra prototypes and “show trucks” originally known as the T150s. However, Ford and automotive pundits that the word is very near the market-leader Ford F-150, and followed by Ford, truck production was renamed the Toyota Tundra.

The Toyota Tundra was slightly larger than the AT100, but still suffered the idea of ​​being very small and the car-like threat to domestic pickup. With a production capacity 120,000, sales amounted to twice the speed of the AT100. At that time the Tundra and had the largest initial vehicle sales for Toyota in its history. It garnered impressive honors, including Truck Motor Trend of the Year award for 2000 and Best Full-Size Truck from Consumer Reports. Built in a new Toyota plant in Princeton, Indiana, 65 percent domestic content, the Tundra showed that Toyota was serious about closing the gap on the “Big Three” in all major parts.

Engine choices available in the Toyota Tundra into a 24V 3.4 liter V6 engine that produced 190 horsepower (140 kW) and 220 lb · ft (298 N · m) of torque and certified Lev 32 valve 4.7-liter “i-Force” V8 engine that produced 245 horsepower (183 kW) and 315 lb · ft (427 N · m) of torque. A Toyota Racing Development (TRD) supercharger available for the V6 3.4-liter that lumped horsepower to 260 horsepower (190 kW) range and 260 lb · ft (350 N · m) of torque. TRD introduced a second supercharger V8 engine until the evening its second year of production that pushed V8 numbers to the mid 300 horsepower (220 kW) and torque range to LB 400 · ft (540 N · m) range. In 2006, Darrell Waltrip Edition was sold to respect Nascar star and his participation in the Nascar Truck Series.

Toyota Tundra Second Generation (2007-Present)

A larger Toyota Tundra was introduced at the February 2006 Chicago Auto Show. It made its smaller brother cues Toyota Tacoma and other cues Toyota FTX concept truck. The truck had many enhancements, such as towing capacity of up to 10,000+ LB, and payload capacity of LB than 2,000 (910 kg), a new 5.7-liter 3UR-FE V8 engine mated with a 6-speed automatic transmission new. The second generation Tundra has 3 engines available. The new 5.7 liter V8 that produces 381 horsepower (284 kW) and 401 pound force feet (544 N · m) of torque, and die than 4.7-liter 2UZ-FE V8 rated at 276 horsepower (206 kW) and 313 pound force- feet (424 N · m) of torque, and the previous 4.0-liter 1GR-FE V6 rated at 236 horsepower (176 kW) and 266 pound force feet (361 N · m) of torque.

Toyota Tundra useful for many employees and materials, including by extra large door handles, the deck rail system, integrated tow hitch, and head restraints that you can see the worker with hardhat. The Tundra and includes as standard: an electronic automatic limited-slip difference (Auto LSD), Vehicle Stability Control, control fire, EBA electricity, brake assist, anti-lock brakes and tailgate to help. However, starting MSRP of $ 22,390 makes it more expensive Chevy Silverado Work Truck (MSRP $ 17,860) and the Ford F-150 (MSRP $ 17,345).

Some of the changes Toyota included in the new Tundra optional tow mirrors, a 26.4 US gal (100 L, 22 imp gal) fuel tank, available 22-inch (560 mm) alloy wheels, backup camera, Bluetooth, large center console (big enough to fit a -15 inch (380 mm) laptop), extra-large disc brakes and calipers, and above 6-speed sequential automatic transmission.

All Tundras 5.7-liter is equipped with a tow package including engine oil and transmission coolers, integrated trailer hitch, 4.30: 1 axle ratio, and a large braking hardware for increased fade resistance. Equipped with the V8 5.7-liter the Tundra has a maximum tow rating of 9,000-10,400 lb (4,100-4,700 kg) depending on the configuration of the body. Toyota began the Tundra under the protocol Sae J2807 since 2010.

2014 Toyota Tundra (Design Update)

On February 7, 2013, the refreshed 2014 Toyota Tundra was introduced at the Chicago Auto Show. The featured a larger grille, enhanced with fenders front and rear, a tailgate and tail lights, and interior completely reset. The sheet-metal carried over from the previous model and doors. The hood was raised to give a look chiseled out more and the tailgate includes a spoiler. The interior featured a standard 3.5-inch screen, bluetooth connectivity, and backup camera. The interior included new seats, new gauges, new controls, new ergonomics, and dashboard better things metal-look surfaces. Toyota kept the same engines used since the 2010 update MY, a 4.0L V6, a 4.6L V8, and 5.7L V8. However, 4.0L V6 saw a 34 hp (25 kW) increase in power, and is rated at 270 hp (201 kW) and 278 lb · ft (377 N · m).

Toyota retuned suspension and damping rates of new to improve the ride quality over previous models. The steering rack and re-valved to improve steering feel. The Tundra line-up included the newly luxury premium by 1794. In total, the Tundra 2014 is available in five trim levels, the Toyota Tundra SR, Toyota Tundra SR5, Toyota Tundra Limited, Toyota Tundra Platinum, and Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition. For the 2014 model year, Toyota stopped regular cab Tundra with the 6.5 ‘box, but other configurations remain the same. The 2015 model year saw the launch of the Toyota Tundra TRD model PRO, being marketed as a package more capable off road. In addition, model year 2015 saw a 4.0L V6 discontinued.

Toyota Tundra Sales

The Toyota Tundra has sold or under its production capacity since 2000. Indiana factory can produce 130,000 Tundras a year. The Tundra has been on the market for over a decade, and has captured 17 percent of the half-filled ton on the market. In 2000 Toyota sold 107,798 Tundras, which was a big step forward from the Toyota pickup AT100 which sold almost around 50,000 units. By 2005 Toyota Motor Corporation was able to sell 126,529 Tundras. The best selling Ford F-150 sold 756,980 units that year. With the added capacity of the San Antonio plant, Toyota planned to sell around 200,000 Tundras for 2007. Toyota missed its sales target in 2007, selling just under 200,000 vehicles.

Currently 70-80 percent of the Tundra sales come from a 5.7-liter, and 46 percent come from Crew Max. The Double Cab also doing well, but Cab Standard bestsellers slower than expected. The second generation of Toyota Tundra sales in the month of July in its first year of production amounted to 23,150, outpacing the GMC Sierra for the month, although its sales amounted to considerably less than the twin of the Sierra’s corporate, Chevrolet Silverado. To all of 2007, Sierra sales were over 12,000 in addition to the Tundra, Silverado sales of more than 422,000 over the Tundra and the F150 once again became the leader of sales.

Toyota Tundra Safety

The Toyota Tundra does not come equipped with dual front airbags, front row side chest airbag, side and rollover receiving the curtain airbag for both the front and the rear lines. Vehicle Stability Control, fire control, anti-lock brakes, brake assist, and electronic EBA distribution are also standard. For model year 2010, driver and front passenger knee becomes standard airbags.

Toyota Tundra pickup was the first full in order to get the IHS Top Safety Pick accolade, followed by the 2009 Ford F-150. In respect by the IHS, the Tundra received the overall “Good” score in the particular frontal crash test, the highest rating possible side impact crash test, and Toyota Tundra gain the highest score for rear crash protection.

Toyota Tundra 2015 TRD Pro

Toyota Tundra 2015 TRD Pro 

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