Suzuki Vitara

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The Suzuki Vitara is an off-road vehicle of Japanese automobile, motorcycle and marine producers Suzuki .  The Suzuki Vitara was established in 1988 in Germany parallel to continue to offer samurai introduced with a short wheelbase three-door, was motorized as a convertible or with steel roof and available with 1.6-liter 4-cylinder petrol engine.

1991 Suzuki added Suzuki Vitara version with a five-door version with 28 cm longer wheelbase, which was also called Vitara Long. From the 16-valve petrol engine with 97 PS benefited from 1995, the three-door. The five-door hatchback was from this Year optionally available with a 2.0-liter V6 petrol engine with 136 hp, the safety equipment included two airbags.

In 1996, the gasoline-powered Suzuki Fünftürern turbo diesel with 2.0L displacement to the side, which was initially only available with automatic transmission. In the same year, the two-door received two front airbags. 1997 strengthened the turbo diesel intercooler thanks to 87 horsepower and was optionally also available with a manual transmission. The three-door, there was now also available with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol engine with 132 hp. 1998 Suzuki broke the Suzuki Vitara in Germany by the Suzuki Grand Vitara , while the previous Vitara was only produced in Spain on. Currently, the Suzuki Vitarais still under the brand name of Chevrolet produced. The only remaining manufacturer is the Ecuadorian AYMESA .

Suzuki Vitara I

Suzuki Vitara I was produced in the years 1988-1997, version 3 and 5-door and 2-door with a retractable roof. In 1994, the Suzuki Vitara undergoes facelift .

Suzuki Vitara II

Suzuki Vitara II was first presented at the Motor Show in Paris in October 2014 year. Auto in contrast to the first-generation Vitara model and its predecessors is an urban SUV built on the floorpan crossover Suzuki SX4 S-Cross, who shares some technical solutions, engines and solution-wheel drive. Production will begin in early 2015, and the model will hit showrooms in the spring. Model in the range replaced the worn-out models Suzuki SX4 and Grand Vitara .

The Suzuki Vitara is based on a conceptual model called N-4, which was presented at the Motor Show in Frankfurt in 2013. The vehicle received a self-supporting body and four-wheel drive system implemented AllGrip (multi-plate clutch solenoid). In this type of drive on roads with good adhesion driven wheels on one axle, the second axle is attached automatically upon detection of slip, although AllGrip system also provides the possibility of including wheel drive.

Inside the Suzuki Vitara, there will be interchangeable panels available in four exterior colors, and the total can be up to 15 color combinations, including several two-tone. Optionally, you can equip your car will include the the active cruise control with automatic emergency braking RBS multimedia system with touch screen and a two-piece panoramic sunroof, is already familiar from the Suzuki SX4 S-Cross.

Suzuki Vitara Gallery

Suzuki Vitara 2015 Exterior

Suzuki Vitara 2015


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