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The Suzuki Alto is a passenger car model of the Japanese automaker Suzuki . The Suzuki Alto is considered Europe’s micro cars , in Japan he is called kei car taxed. In Japan itself, the Suzuki Alto is offered since 1979. The model was at times every two years a model change, the boundaries are often difficult to draw the line between a facelift and a truly new model.

In addition, from the Indian producers belonging to Suzuki Maruti Alto based on the vehicles marketed under various names that have always further away in time from the Japanese model, in particular, they are larger and stronger motorized part. These vehicles are also exported to Europe, again usually the name Suzuki Alto is used.

As previously indicated, it is hardly possible to make a meaningful separation by “generations” of the Suzuki Alto. In the following, therefore, an orientation to the internal type code. With a completely new type code in the Suzuki Alto is also accompanied in each case a short phase in Japan, India, and Europe in particular visually almost identical model is offered.

Suzuki Alto SS (1979-1986)

The first Suzuki Alto 1979 platform shared even with the sister models Suzuki Cervo Suzuki Fronte. This was driven by a three-cylinder four-stroke engine with 29 kW (40 hp). On this vehicle also built until 1986, first-generation-based Maruti 800 .

Suzuki Alto C (1984-1994)

In 1984 followed a model change, internally first CA71 and CC71. After first Facelift In 1986, CA / CC72. The CA71 was formed in 1986, the second generation of the Maruti 800 , as which it is made ​​today. While also built in India, but on the level of the CA72 are the models for Europe.

In Japan, however, there are 1988 again a new vehicle with striking large side windows (Models CL11 and CM11). This will later also by Daewoo as Daewoo Tico built under license. The four-door version, previously Suzuki Fronte called also heard from the end of 1989 as CN11 and CP11 for Alto.

With the change of Kei-car rules 1990, the car is 10 cm longer. The internal names are now CL / CM / CN / CP21. In 1991, the three-door versions will be revised on the basis of more stringent safety regulations for side impact protection. Names are here now CL / CM22. The same applies to the newly introduced commercial vehicle versions with a metal plate instead of the rear side window (CR / CS22). As Suzuki Alto Hustle there is to it a Leisure activity vehicle with the internal code CR22S.

Suzuki Alto HA (1994-2006)

The HA models of Suzuki Alto are introduced in Japan in 1994 and India in parallel. The Japanese version, which gets a facelift almost every two years is 10 cm shorter than the Indian Maruti Zen , which in turn forms until 1999, the basis for the European Alto. Thus there are in Japan and HA21 HA11 1994 (first version respectively three and five doors second). HA12 HA22 1998 and 2000 the HA23 (only three-door) and 2004 the only five-door HA24.

In Europe 2002, a Suzuki Alto at the optical level of HA23 appears. This version has a newly developed Reihenvierzylinder- gasoline engine with 1.1 liter engine, 16 valves and 46 kW. The top speed is 155 km / h with the consumption of about 4.9 liters per 100 km and 119 g / km CO 2 amounts.

Visually, the Suzuki Alto was designed rounded than in 1999 set in Germany the previous model (based on the HA11). The boot capacity is 175 to 725 liters and the towing capacity reached almost 750 kg is the curb weight of the car of 805 kilograms. For a base price of € 7950 includes standard equipment in addition to a power steering, two front airbags and central locking and electric front windows. Optional is a ABS , air conditioning and a three-speed automatic transmission offered.

Suzuki Alto (since 2009)

A completely new generation of Suzuki Alto was established in October 2008 at the Paris Motor Show presents. The vehicle, such as the recent 1994 HA11 – are offered worldwide optically in the same form. Only the engines are different and the Japanese version has slightly different dimensions.

The newly developed model for the global market, also known as Nissan Pixo is offered,  is based on the concept car Suzuki A-Star, the first time at the Auto Expo was presented in 2008 in New Delhi. In this case, the design with respect to the study was rounded design, the headlights and the grille fall greater, with a large air intake is divided by the number plate.  The European model is completely at Maruti Suzuki produced in India, where it also as Maruti Suzuki A star is available.

Suzuki Alto 800 Duluxe

When driving the 1.0-liter petrol engine with three cylinders in line type 50 kW at 6000 min -1 and a maximum torque of 90 Nm at 3400 min -1 is used in the Suzuki Splash is used. The Suzuki Alto four-seater consumes 4.4 liters per 100 kilometers and has a CO 2 emissions of 103 g / km. The Suzuki Alto is sold in three trim levels. The basic price is 8900 euros.


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