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Subaru XV -The Subaru XV has a real credibility wheel drive crossover segment convention made Qashqai turning head. The popular belief is that customers do not really need all-wheel drive. You want wrapped a spacious cabin and a high seating position in a package with some of the visual presence and comfort of an SUV. The Subaru XV has a completely different approach: It is for those who do not want a car that looks like a big SUV, but do not have off-road capability that this car has to offer. Thus, the XV is to people who will gladly be extensive with a five-door body with elegant tailgate, but pretty typical, but are in traction and ground clearance to cope with snow and slush interested in field and green way, without the slightest concern.

Parts of a platform, many components and clutch full-time four-wheel drive 2012 Subaru Imprezza hatchback took office viscous drive system has the Subaru XV a longer wheelbase and height regulate trapping more generous treatment. It also has narrow doors, lower, wider threshold for easy entry and a lower cargo floor for convenience. Extensions thick plastic wheel arches and sills are the most important external identifiers.

Imprez Subaru strengthened to take into account the bottom of the Impreza XV for off-road performance and better crash safety, in particular, adds rigidity body sides and the base of the columns. Composition cross diagonals more starch added at a rear end collision. At the same time, it reinforces the Imprez Subaru MacPherson front and rear double wishbone suspension with rigid substrates, high shock response and reinforcements. Rebound springs are provided in order to counteract the long-distance part of a chassis inevitably.

Subaru XV Interior

This is what we learned from the last Legacy and Impreza. Although it is easier to take in a car with a clear resource everyday XV cabin reinforces the impression that the Japanese automaker needs to be done to the European standards of quality of materials meet. Enter the XV does not require to be addressed. Are taken with security structures of legacy car pillow a little higher above the cabin floor as if an Impreza making it. Available as a sedan, the slightly more upright position, but rather inclined tube

Legroom is more generous than most, but not family sedans headroom. It measured 40 mm below the level of the first line and 20 mm shorter on the back of last week’s Hyundai i30 road test person. Both Qashqai and Peugeot 3008 cars are roomier. In the same direction, the boat XV is not larger than many common family sedans.

Our test car specifications Imprez middle Subaru had leather wrapped steering wheel and shift knob tweaks and attractive texture in the center console and dashboard. Heating and air conditioning controls are easy to use and there is plenty of storage space. The compelling mishmash of different styles, colors, and grains of plastic in the cabin impressed anyone give a good European outbreak, however. Neither have some ergonomics. Multi-function display your computer Imprez Subaru car key light relay. But you could go for days without collecting all the switches of heat on the seats, for example, behind the handbrake.

Subaru XV Performance

Subaru Boxer Diesel goes about his business in the XV with a sense vowel. It is quiet and very smooth routine travel speeds, heavy loads, but you certainly know that you are driving up a steep slope, a kind of feeling of the vehicle. New 2.0-liter turbo diesel boxer engine Subaru Imprez produces plenty of power and torque, but the engine speed with enthusiasm by the medium that best suites you. The brave XV engine character suited the vehicle itself, it should be extended permanently, if the positive side of his temperament, is seeing the light of the world.

60mph labor Subaru hastily made a very respectable 8.9sec – not the task would be more than one of his rivals in popularity. Use the embarrassing fun six-speed manual – refused to change the relationship between a smooth – keep to the fourth floor in the song and provides a strong fight against the acceleration in the meat of the rpm range. Almost all modern small capacity turbo diesel suffers slightly lower speed lethargy, but below 2000 rpm engine also often helps Subaru turbo lag for transport in a bad mood Cooperative. The 138bhp Volkswagen Tiguan tried 30-50 mph in fifth gear in 7.8sec 12.4sec XV took a truculent. It’s a bit of a lack of energy, even in the upper end of the speed range above 4000rpm. This flexibility is still a problem for Subaru diesel specialists.

Subaru XV Hybrid

Subaru XV Hybrid

While the 2.0-liter diesel is undoubtedly the engine of choice in the XV, a pair of gasoline available. Since the 2.0-liter diesel, which are boxers so that the off-beat trill is standard. The 1.6-liter version will be a small number of sales. Its 114bhp and 110 pounds ft is a quiet sprint to 62 h in the range of 13-14sec depending on whether the engine paired with an automatic ‘or manual. The 2.0-liter gasoline engine is broadly in line diesel price, but still a second slower to 62 mph.

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