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The Subaru Tribeca is a mid-size crossover SUV sold since 2005 by Subaru, the car manufacturing division of Japanese transportation blend of Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI). Released in other markets as the Subaru Tribeca B9, the name “Tribeca” appears in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York City. Built on the platform Subaru Legacy and sold to activate the five- and seven seat, the Subaru Tribeca was intended to be sold alongside the slightly revised version known as the Saab 9-6. Saab, a part of General Motors (GM), and cast the 9-6 just before its subsequent release to the GM’s 2005 divestiture of 20 percent of its stake in FHI.

Inspired B9X concept car, the original design of the Subaru Tribeca was criticized at the time of the launch and later revised in 2007, and the name of the revised model to simply Tribeca all markets. Although sold in Japan, North American markets received the 2005 Subaru Tribeca this year of 2006 model, when introduced to Australasia in late 2006, and an introduction to Europe in 2007. In addition to these markets, the Subaru Tribeca is available in Chile, in Argentina, China, and parts of Southeast Asia .

Subaru Tribeca History

2006-2007 : The Subaru Tribeca, introduced as “Tribeca B9” several markets featured a new corporate face a triangular grille and rounded body shape. Subaru and used the styling grille on the Subaru Impreza, the Japanese market Subaru R1 R2 and Kei car products. As the sticker styling proved controversial, all Subaru future redesigns cast in the language design.

The Subaru Tribeca design of the grille, he was by designer Andreas Zapatinas than by Kufuor Design, an independent design firm based in Spain, hired by Subaru before Zapatinas involvement ,. Andreas Zapatinas and his team were responsible for the design of the interior, and the dashboard in particular. According to an article in Los Angeles Times, grille design was “meant to convey the history of the parent company Fuji Heavy Industries’ splendid airports”. The Subaru Tribeca initially powered by the 3.0-liter EZ30 boxer engine paired with an automatic transmission five-speed.

Saab planned to also selling a version of the Subaru Tribeca, referred to as “9-6”, but such programs are stopped Toyota acquisition of the 20 percent of FHI stake held by the parent company Saab’s GM. The 9-6 would have been built next to the Subaru Tribecaat Lafayette, Indiana factory Subaru’s in the United States. Saab revised their plans to replace the 9-7X after a short two-year-their days, and instead Oldsmobile Bravada-based body-on-frame SUV continued production until the 2009 model year.

The Subaru Tribecawas slightly reworked in 2006 model year of 2007. The new model, debuting at the Chicago Auto Show, which included a revised grille, revised struts, stabilizer bars, and spring rates. Internally, XM Satellite Radio and iPod connectors into pre-wired, and the camera and parking assist system became optional for the navigation system. A “Special Edition” package included a mesh grille, XM radio, unique wheels.

2008-2014 : Subaru released the 2008 model year at the New York International Auto Show in April 2007 with a facelift and a larger 3.6-liter EZ36 flat-six engine rated at 191 kilowatts (256 hp). Subaru were 10 percent better fuel economy when using gasoline fuel (2006 and 2007 models use premium fuel). At the same time, Subaru dropped the identifier “B9”, harmonizing the international name as “Subaru Tribeca”. The rear of the car and gently re-rounded tail lights were more, the “cutout” on the hatch above the bumper is blocked, and the rearmost side window reshaped. Interior styling was transformed, but the second row seats for the location and convenience of the third row.

Quickly released The facelift after the release of the original model, using much of the exterior styling tweaks from Unreleased Saab 9-6. Saab withheld its version of Subaru Tribeca from the public until July 2011, for example release at the Saab Museum in Trollhättan.

Subaru Tribeca Market

North American market Tribecas gave two standard trim levels Tribeca Limited, a moonroof, leather interior, roof Rails for enhanced cargo and carrying a premium audio system and six-disc in-dash CD Changer. Interior colors were somewhat limited to or gray fabric or a choice of gray or light beige leather interior.

The Subaru Tribeca Limited trim level included the in-dash screen that displays many information navigation system, audio system, trip computer, outside temperature, retention time, controls for various vehicle settings, calendar, calculator and memo-taking activities. Video input from rear-seat DVD entertainment system available with the third row residents only, and could only be displayed on the instrument panel center of the screen when the parking brake cars appeal.

Subaru Tribeca Cargo volume 37.6 cu ft (1.06 m3) of the second row seats raised and 74.4 cu ft (2.11 m3) and the rear seats lowered. Standard seating configuration was left in the second row of seats or optional third row of seats. Subaru Tribeca equipped with six airbags, two for the front passenger, two side airbags Other placed around the outer edge of the front seats and side curtain airbag that dropped in front of the front and second row sidebar.

Subaru Tribeca, Two stereo packages offered, starting with 100-watt six-speaker system in a single-disc in-dash CD player and MP3 compatibility, or premium stereo with a 160-watt, nine speakers with Subwoofer and analyze six-disc dash CD Changer, and MP3 compatible. Both stereos had auxiliary audio jacks for MP3 players and steering wheel-mounted audio controls.

In North America, the Subaru Tribeca is the only car in this class that comes equipped with all-wheel drive as standard equipment. In the United States, the television ad campaign Subaru for the Subaru Tribeca expressed in Kansas song “Dust in the Wind ‘. The interior Tribeca won the best of the year by Ward’s Auto, a agent such as JD Power possession, but more subjective. And, it was considered Most Innovative Concept at the 2004 Detroit Auto Show. The Tribeca points Insurance Institute for Highway Safety risk assessment. It received a “Top Safety Pick ‘situation.

Subaru Tribeca Drivetrain

Subaru chose to use an aluminum alloy boxer engine in order to reduce the weight of the powertrain. The Subaru boxer engines and lower gravity than normal on the line and V type engines, this helps to reduce body roll. The weight of the engine and automatic transmission are balanced rather than offset. Power and direct delivery from the transfer wheel, and the rear wheels through a rear difference, which is limited to a slip in some models. Earlier difference is integrated into the transfer Subaru. Results awd cars were first elements as either front or rear wheel drive, but changed to an additional, external transfer case and uneven drive shafts more power to the wheels.

The vibration caused by the boxer engine is secondary impact of the cylinders being offset slightly opposing banks. This vibration, however, is small and mainly absorbed by the rubber engine mounts. Torque steer is also reduced and this type of power train layout. This is accomplished by making the front driveshafts equal weight and length, and extend from the transfer front wheels almost perpendicular from the transmission.

Subaru Tribeca Discontinuation

It was announced in January 2012 that Subaru Tribeca stopped being sold in the US and Australia, and its cycle would produce a stop go in December 2012. On October 18, 2013, Autoblog, Jalopnik, and all confirmed that Subaru has informed dealers its production on the Subaru Tribeca will end in January 2014 because of slow sales, as Subaru has sold Subaru Tribeca 78,000 since 2005, making it one of the best of the worst cars in the US in 2011 and 2012, in 2013, Subaru Tribeca only 1.247 were sold the first nine months , and is ranked seventh among the worst selling cars in the United States in the year 2013 model and only 1,598 units sold, down 23% from 2012. The move comes as Subaru is looking to replace the car with upscale-7 crossover SUV, possibly based on the Subaru Exiga, would compete against the Ford Explorer and Nissan Pathfinder, which went down in an effort to attract new consumers without alienating current ones, from Subaru Tribeca (in design today) does not fit the description Subaru needs in the part of the crossover SUV.

Subaru Tribeca 2015

Subaru Tribeca 2015 

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