Subaru BZR Turbo

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The Subaru BRZ is second FR car from Subaru after the Subaru 1500 boxer engine, rear-wheel drive, and Z is the last letter. The Subaru BZR production version would be on sale in spring 2012. The Subaru BZR was on the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show 2011 presented, followed by 82° International Motor Show in Geneva. Japan stands at Subaru dealers 2012-03-28. The first Subaru BZR models are with RA, R, S, 6-speed manual or automatic transmission with paddle shifters and downshift between gas control, 215/45R17 tires, electronic stability control. subaru brz turbo release mainly differs in its front face, wherein the gate of hexagonal shape with an inverted trapezium and in Toyota Scion.

When asked about the differences between the Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S, Scion FR-S, which is located on the sport is the Subaru may be more flexible than its counterpart Scion line. The premium is the American equivalent of the Scion FR-S with the addition of satellite navigation and HID headlamps, while the sponsor adds additional features such as heated seats and mirrors, dual climate zones, and keyless start. Sales were hampered by supply. Last month drew Subaru 105, compared with 608 units 86, the class leading Hyundai Veloster and Mercedes Benz C-Class Coupe 176 Last year, a house was found against the BRZs 86 2047 only 200th Thus, the exclusive GT and more difficult to achieve, but the company has managed to get 140 different delivery models this and next month.

Subaru BRZ Designe

Within the GT is disappointing. There is too much plastic. The Council on silver band was cheap and dirty, as if someone had been on the job with an aerosol. But red stitching is elegant, while Subaru color chart on the lookout for the trip is encouraged. The orange lighting ambience but bad light green radio disputes. The digital speedometer is large, because the notes are too small Speedo. Headroom is good and the driving position is low, so it gives the feeling of sports car. Storage is light, but it is a useful slot for smartphones in the center console, something other manufacturers should take note of. Usually I rely on my phone in a cup holder. The boot is shallow, only useful for soft bags weekend away. Rear view is obstructed by thin window.

Subaru BRZ Technology

The Subaru Toyota engine, but the two companies had an entry. Subaru Boxer when the base four-cylinder 2.0-liter boxer engine while Toyota direct injection assembly was added to improve the efficiency and performance. The result is 147kW. Although there are many of the most powerful family sedans, some of which weigh only 1.2 tons. This is where he enthusiastically. Sometimes it feels like more power would be welcome, but clean and gradually built into a frenzied crescendo when cut about 7500rpm engine speed.

The maximum torque is modest 205 nm and produces high 6600rpm, so that his best work is around 5000-6000rpm. But even in 2000 or 3000rpm will make relatively good, which makes for a more relaxed driving in the city. Fuel consumption is not very successful 10.5L/100km, far away from the claimed 7.1L/100km for the auto. Also note that the GT requires premium gasoline 98 octane more. There are five settings that are off stability control traction control and stability control and to allow levels independently.

Subaru BRZ Drive

At first, until you feel the revolutions of the role lethargic and off, whip the red line. Is it at high speeds or when the road theg interpretation feels smaller, but if you are willing harder revolution is in trouble. I love how the six-speed auto regressive exaggeration All kilowatts.The GT call a lot of fun. These points of light and agile and precise in a corner with the type of steering precision and feedback is at the forefront of sports game. It has a high level of grip and clings tenaciously through the twisty stuff. With 53 percent of the weight on the nose and the remaining 47 percent to the rear of the GT feels very well balanced in the turns.

Subaru BZR  Price

The Subaru BZR test car was $ 39,730 car with leather and heated seats. All BRZs get cruise control, Bluetooth connectivity, USB input, seven airbags and stability control, daytime running lights, aluminum pedals, keyless entry with push-button start, dual-zone air conditioning, Alloy wheels 17 inch tires Michelin DataDots to identify the components and less attractive to thieves.

Subaru brz Turbo

Subaru brz Turbo

For quick and the front wheels rub off, whereas if you are too aggressive with the throttle in slow corners, stability control will begin to solve things. You can easily oversteer and drifting, but not violently. In the right environment when the reward GT surprisingly hard, digging treated in the corners and allows the driver a good time to have your balance.

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