Radio Kenwood is the best Radios in Region

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The Kenwood NX-1000 Radios series deliver 35% greater coverage than other digital brands and up to twice the coverage of an analog system. Heavy Duty Kenwood Radio with MIL-STD-810 Certification, Digital Encryption Impossible to Clone. KENWOOD’s NX-1000 Radios series deliver 35% greater coverage than other digital brands and up to twice the coverage of an analog system. The NXDN ™ series is the best solution for Retail, Education, Health, Industry, Security, and Hospitality. Radios Motorola Unbeatable Features:

Supports Pseudo-Trunking (selection of the first available slot)

Kenwood NX1300NK4 Radio

UHF 400-470 MHz, Digital and Analog, 5 Watts, 64 Channels, Roaming, Encryption

Optional ARC4 Encryption (Compatible with Mototrbo)
Super Price in Version with Screen
NXDN / DMR support (By programming, super simple)

SAME Accessories of NX340, TK-2402, TK-2312 (Without throwing accessories!)

Impossible to Clone General characteristics:

Operates NXDN ™ or DMR digital protocol.

Digital / analog mixed mode

Available versions: – Without display and 2 programmable keys – With display and 9 programmable keys

· Highly visible and intuitive screen: – 8 characters. – High contrast. – White backlight.
· Channels and zones: – 64 channels and 4 zones version without a screen.
. 260 channels and 128 zones version with the screen.
· Large 7-color LED: – On. – Selective call alert. – Battery level indicator. – Scan. – Roaming.

5W VHF / UHF power

· Excellent KENWOOD audio quality; TX / RX audio profile with optimizable digital processor: – Audio equalizer; flat, high, low. – Self-profit control; on, high, low, and off. – Noise suppressor. – External microphone type configurator.

NXDN Digital Mode:

· FDMA access method.
· Space between channels of 12.5 and 6.25 kHz real.
· Conventional NXDN ™ mode of operation.
· Roaming.
· Individual, group, and general call.
· Messenger service.
· Encryption with more than 32,000 different codes.
· Late entry.
· Send aliases to the air.

DMR Digital Mode:

TDMA access method

12.5 kHz channel spacing

DMR Tier II operating mode (conventional)


Automatic slot selection searching for the first available slot. Simulating a basic trunking

Double slot in direct mode

Call interruption (KENWOOD radios)

The individual, group, and general call

· Messenger service

Encryption with more than 32,000 different codes

· Optional ARC4 encryption. Compatible with other brands

Late entry

Send aliases to the air

Analog FM mode:

· Conventional analog mode of operation.

· FleetSync™.



· Scrambler by voice inversion.

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