Ngame Introducing Micro Gaming in Korea

January 9th, 2020 | Comments Closed | Blog

In Korea, it is often called Ngame. The official name is N2-LIVE. As a video company that started its service in 2016, it is heavily armed with the latest technologies. By using real-time data transmission and HTML5, it is equipped with fast image download and fast mobile speed, so it is definitely providing a quality improvement service in terms of speed and video compared to existing video companies. If you just look at the loading screen above, 카지노사이트 doesn’t look much different, but when you actually enter it, it’s definitely wrong.

Advantages of the Ngame

What’s wrong with Ngame? First of all, in existing video companies, players and bankers are placed on top of each other, so sometimes bettors make the wrong bets. However, as you can see in the picture above, the play space and the banker’s space are clearly separated to prevent betting mistakes.

Another advantage is that if there is a table with a falling line while looking at the baccarat picture on the right screen, you can quickly move to that table through the screen switch button. Especially for those who prefer to play baccarat by moving the table from place to place without being attached to one table for a long time, I think it is a very advantageous game video solution.

​You can bet on up to 4 games at the same time, and when playing on mobile, a battery-saving mode is supported so you can play for a long time. You can choose between the Chinese and Western dealers, or if you don’t prefer the live dealer, you can go to the RNG table and play with the RNG dealer. We have introduced the N games of our casino above. I will leave the link below for those of you who are going to bet.

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