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The Lincoln Motor Company (known as Lincoln) is a division of the Ford Motor Company that sells vehicles under the brand Lincoln. Although currently sold primarily in North America and the Middle East, Ford has introduced the Lincoln brand in China in November 2014. Lincoln vehicles are also sold legally in South Korea and Japan. Founded in 1917 by Henry M. Leland, Lincoln has always been a part of Ford since 1922.

The Lincoln current model range in North America consists of two sedans (MKS and Anime.Kage), three crossover utility vehicles (Lincoln MKC, Lincoln Mkt and Lincoln MKX), and two sport utility vehicles (Lincoln Navigator / Lincoln Navigator L). Lincoln and two sell cars directly limousine / livery use, both based Lincoln Mkt.

Lincoln History

Henry Leland, former manager of the division of Cadillac General Motors, and his son, Wilfred Leland, formed The Lincoln Motor Company in August 1917. The Lincoln Motor Company Plant at 6200 West Warren Avenue (at Livernois) in Detroit, Michigan. Leland named the company after the new Abraham Lincoln, whom his hero and cast a vote in 1864. source Lincoln first money came from here Liberty aircraft engines, using cylinders supplied by Ford Motor Company, filling the World War I government contracts.: 4: 163-164

In 1924 a large touring sedans came into use in police departments around the country. Known as Police flyers, which were equipped with four-wheel brakes, two years before he entered on the sale of private vehicles. These vehicles are specially equipped, and bulletproof windows measuring 7/8 of an inch great lights and color mounted on the ends of the spirit, and the spirit came to an automatic Wiper for the driver and Wiper manuscript for front passenger. Police whistles were two exhaust system and gun racks were also fitted to these vehicles.

In 1932, Lincoln introduced the KB platform V12-powered side of the platform KA V8 powered with all new streamlined appearance. In 1933, Eugene T. “Bob” Gregoria, at the styling studio created by Edsel Ford, began designing small Lincoln-Zephyr ,: 130 led to the first Continental, a Bespoke one-off specially created for Edsel Ford, son of Henry.

The small Lincoln-Zephyr was introduced for the 1936 model year as the marque of its ,: 155 with cu 267 (4.4 L) V12. The Lincoln-Zephyr was successful in its first year in order to increase Lincoln sales and folder :. 1196-1197 It remained a separate marque until the end of the model year of 1940 and became a model under Lincoln ,: 206 Lincoln Twelve discontinued. In the year 1941, all Lincolns are based on the chassis Zephyr, and when production resumed after the Zephyr rocked name is not continued.

In 1940, the Lincoln Continental commenced production as a personal luxury car quite literally because of the popularity of the personal car Edsel Ford. Satisfied with boxy designs produced by his father, Edsel wanted a European car-style driving around holidays in Florida. In 1938, he commanded the Ford Chief Stylist E.T. Gregoria to design the body of a 1939 Lincoln Zephyr V12 Convertible Coupe. Most of bodywork involved sectioning the body 4 inches (102 mm) and removal of the running board, and external spare tire mounted on the trunklid. The rear styling tire Mount proved to be popular; will feature styling Lincoln Mark series and those working on custom cars drive a similar mount a “Continental kit”.

In 1945, Ford Motor Company included in the Mercury and Lincoln divisions together, to form a combined Lincoln-Mercury division. To the revival of the production of bullets in 1946, Lincoln introduced the two models: Continental and the Zephyr range-based. Based on the previous Zephyr, only standard Lincoln wore the nameplate range of Lincoln.

In 1949, both the H-Series Lincoln and Continental discontinued. In their place were the new generation of vehicles. Magnifying the relationship between Lincoln and Mercury was the new EL-Series, as its styling became more and Mercury Eight. More significantly, the 1949 Lincoln and Cosmopolitan were the first Lincolns from 1932 V12 engine; as Lincoln was unable to develop new V12 in time, a V8 borrowed from the Ford F-8 medium-duty truck. In 1952, Lincoln developed a personal Overhead valve V8 engine, HT-block.

For model year 1958, many changes were made to Lincoln. And the integration of Edsel form the Mercury-Edsel-Lincoln (Mel) division, production of all Lincoln and Continental cars to the all-new assembly plant in Wixom, Michigan. Why a new assembly plant was the product of the system. The new V-8 430 cu. in. Ford Mel engine was used in all Lincolns.

In a major change from 1957 Lincolns, chassis was a unibody construction. Sharing a body and marque Continental, the Lincolns 1958-1960 would be some of the production cars ever constructed; are the Lincolns longest produced without the 5-mph Perse. They are the longest wheelbase cars ever produced by Ford Motor Company. In 1959, the Town Car came first. A legal-roof sedan, was only available in black.

In 1968 Lincoln harked its exclusive Continental Mark II come up with a rival to the successful Cadillac Eldorado personal luxury car. Called the Lincoln Continental Mark III was new halo car marque’s. To strengthen the association, the Mark III revived distinctive spare tire knee Mark II. Up front were hidden lights color-matched with a bold and Rolls-Royce style radiator grille; in various ways, that would be a used Lincoln in late 1990.

In 1979, Ford and Mercury full-size their distances on an all-new chassis, Delayed until the 1980 model year since 1968, Lincoln joined a symbol of division and Continental new since 1970 The Mark VI Mark V; first, Mark founded upon the full chassis. While sharing chassis and powertrain with Mercury and Ford, no body and interior parts were common. After struggling throughout its run production to attract consumers, the Versailles was discontinued in the morning prayer in the year 1980. In 1981, a major change is made to Lincoln as the name of the Continental was put on hiatus. Taking its place as the standard Lincoln was the Town Car / Town Coupe, they have a package in color since 1970.

1982 marked the beginning of major changes in the model. Because sales of full-size two-door sedans, the Town Coupe was discontinued. In a move to better compete Cadillac and German soon, Lincoln Continental was added back into the system. Although not directly take the Versailles of the second generation, the 1982 Continental was the center so the Cadillac Seville. As engaged in the chassis with the Ford Thunderbird / Mercury Cougar, it maintained the use of the rear-wheel drive. The 1982 Continental would also serve as the foundation for the next Mark, 1984 Continental Mark VII. About a yard shorter than the Mark V, Mark VII benchmarked were coupes European. A far-advanced design than its predecessor, the Mark VII was equipped with 4-wheel air suspension 4-channel ABS (the first American car to do so); Mark since Mark II with exposed beams was also the first American car-legal sold with lights composite.

In 2006, Lincoln introduced an all-new mid-size sport sedan, reviving the nameplate Zephyr. For 2007, as part of the revision of small, Lincoln changed the name Anime.Kage. Sharing with domestic concept car in 2004, Anime.Kage (“Emm-kay-zee”) would begin a transition to the Lincoln model system. For example, the 2007 MKX crossover SUV expressed in the form to the concept as Lincoln Aviator future; However, in production form, it was renamed and is based on the Ford Edge. The Lincoln MKR concept car 2007 entered what would become the styling is a major feature of modern Lincolns: the division of the “bow-wave” grille, influenced in part by the original Lincoln Zephyr; it marked the debut of the Ford EcoBoost V6.

On December 3, 2012 Ford changed the name of the division Lincoln to The Lincoln Motor Company. To help distinguish the products Lincoln-branded Ford-branded products, Ford established unique design, product development and sales teams Lincoln. In addition to the name change, the Lincoln Motor Company will introduce a number of new cars in the coming years. The first of these new vehicles was Anime.Kage second-generation, was sown sale in early 2013. Ford appointed Jim Farley to lead the Lincoln Motor Co.

Lincoln Sales

Lincoln achieved its best sales for two years to date in 1989 (200,315) and 1990 (231,660), thanks primarily to the popularity of Continental, in December 1987, and the Town Car introduced in October 1989. Lincoln kept Cadillac better sales in 1998 and 2000, but like brand its domestic capacity declined over the next few years. Ford hopes to increase sales of the global brand to 162,000 vehicles in 2016 and the introduction of models with all-new or significantly re-seven.

Lincoln Brand Image

In 1927, Lincoln attached to a greyhound as a hood ornament in the 1930 used a coat of arms with a red cross in the center of the helmet a knight’s top as a sign of recognition. The introduction of a coat of weapons Lincoln coincided with the introduction of the Ford coat of arms since the mid-1950s. The coat of arms appeared to Lincoln various models until the mid-1950’s when the coat of arms evolved into framed, four-pointed star that is currently in use.

Lincoln Motorsport

Although the luxury division, Lincoln never be from Brands. Like all American brand of the five, Lincoln participated in a series of Grand National Stock Car. They would continue until the Eighties to the Winston Cup Series into the bottom of the affair Chevrolet-Pontiac-Ford in the nineties. Lincoln and has powered Le Mans Prototypes, acting in place of Ford, in the American Le Mans Series.

Lincoln Current Models

In the year of 2007, Lincoln introduced an alphanumeric domestic policy of bearing the designation of three-letter ” MK”. Today, only the name of the Navigator remains while all other models use the new domestic. Livery and limousine versions Lincoln Mkt use the name of the Lincoln Town Car.

Lincoln Navigator (1998-present)
Lincoln MKX (2007-present)
Lincoln Anime.Kage (2007-present)
Lincoln MKS (2009-present)
Lincoln Mkt / Mkt Town Car (2010-present)
Lincoln MKC (2015)

Lincoln Logo

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