Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

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The 2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid was unveiled at the 2010 New York International Auto Show, and sales began in September 2010. It is the first Lincoln MKZ Hybrid electric vehicle and the first model Lincoln-cylinder engine; it introduces the EPA city rating of 41 mpg-US (5.7 L / 100 km, 49 mpg-imp) and highway rating of 36 mpg-US (6.5 L / 100 km, 43 mpg-imp), making it the most fuel-efficient luxury sedan in the US to release 200h 2011 Lexus CT in March 2011. The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid carries over hybrid powertrain from the Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan hybrids, including 2.5 L Duratec I4 with electric motor producing a total of 191 hp (142 kW).

The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid has an EV mode that allows the vehicle to travel a short distance electricity alone, at speeds up to 47 mph (76 km/h). The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid offers the better of Gauge Ford Smart with EcoGuide, albeit in the Hybrid 2010 Fusion. The Gauge version Lincoln MKZ Smart gave “Flower” design a new compared to the “Leaf” design of the Fusion. In fact, the car rewards the driver with flower flowers for economical driving habits / drive.

The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is marketed by Ford as we to 250h Lexus HS and Lexus ES Hybrid. As of July 2011, the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid was the only hybrid in the market and the price is the same as the gasoline-engine version of its normal. Ford reported that up to June 2011, almost 20% of 2011 Lincoln MKZ sales have been hybrids, and more market share in markets where hybrids in general sell well, such as Los Angeles region, where sales of hybrid model to represent 44%, and in San Francisco, with a market share of 66 %. The Lincoln MKZ base price Hybrid US $ 35,520, and tastes including sunroof, navigation system, blind spot monitors, a Thx a lot of sound stereo, and a backup camera, the price rises to $41,370.

A complete Ford Fusion line-up was scheduled for model year 2013. Both Lincoln MKZ and Hybrid Fusion is expected to use the compact Lithium-ion battery pack with a new and a new powertrain that is expected to deliver fuel economy up to 48 mpgUS (4.9 to 5.0 L / 100 km; 56 to 58 mpgimp) highway. The next generation of Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is expected by mid-2012 to be launched. The Lincoln MKZ concept car 2013 was unveiled at the 2012 North American International Auto Show.

The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid was one of five finalists 2011 Green Car of the Year was awarded the Green Car Journal in November 2010, which was won by the Chevrolet this. In 2011 Hybrid Scorecard, the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) ranked the Hybrid Lincoln MKZ, and Lexus CT200h, as the top luxury hybrid models in the evolution improve the section’s scorecard, the success of the UCS by their small gasoline engines. Nevertheless, the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid ranked higher than the Lexus in all areas, consumer value, hybrid technology, fuel efficiency and pollution reduction. And, commended by the UCS Hybrid Lincoln MKZ, and Hybrid Hyundai Sonata, for both hybrids were few or no features that demands that you sleep without adding fuel costs savings or reducing emissions.

The UCS’s Hybrid Scorecard ratings for the Hybrid Lincoln MKZ higher than the nonluxury Toyota Prius for environmental performance, and hybrid value, both rated forced the same features, and higher scores Prius fuel economy.

Lincoln MKZ Hybrid 2015

Lincoln MKZ Hybrid 2015

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