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The Lexus LX is full of luxury sport utility vehicle (SUV) sold by the Lexus since January 1996 when its entered the building in November 1995, three generations have been produced, all based on the long-running Toyota Land Cruiser SUV. The first generation Lexus LX 450 began production in 1995 as the entry Lexus’ first SUV market. And its successor, the Lexus LX 470, premiered in 1998 and produced until 2006. The latest, third-generation, Lexus LX570 debuted at the New York International Auto Show in April 2007 as a complete re-model year 2008. Russia, Brunei, Australia, China, Indonesia,  New Zealand, Dominican Republic, Philippines, Taiwan, Middle East, and North America, where related to the Toyota Land Cruiser is also sold. The Lexus LX is not available in Japan or the rest of the world, where Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is sold. The Lexus LX stands for “Luxury crossover”. However, others Importers Lexus to use the name backronymic, “Luxury Four Wheel Drive”.

The second and third generations had a V8 powertrain engine, a welded steel unibody shell combined with full steel ladder frame (body-on-frame construction), and seats for eight passengers (Lexus LX 470 and Lexus LX 570). The first generation LX 450, mid-size a SUV, had an inline-6 ​​engine and seats for seven passengers. The second generation Lexus LX 470 shared exterior styling and the Land Cruiser Cygnus, sold in Japan. The Lexus LX is Lexus’ largest and most expensive luxury SUV.

Lexus LX First Generation (J80)

Soon he began in the mid-1990s because of the threat to US trade sanctions on Japanese luxury cars, the Lexus LX 450 began production in November 1995 and released in the US in January 1996, model 1996, Canada received Lexus LX from 1997 The Lexus LX 450 was the first SUV Lexus and almost entirely based on the sixth generation of the Toyota Land Cruiser (J80). Differences lay in a restyled, more luxurious interior settings softer suspension. The first Lexus LX 450 rolled off the production line in December 1995.

The Lexus LX 450 was powered by 4.5 liter, twin-cam, 4-valve inline-six engine produced 160 kW (215 hp) and 373 N · m (275 lb · ft) of torque. Both axles front and rear were solid. Besides, the Lexus LX 450 was exactly the J80 series Land Cruiser, without the grille, side body cladding, and wheels. Side running boards provide a step-up access. The car had many additional insulation sound.

The Lexus LX 450 instead of the Land Cruiser in the Canadian market to start after 1996, to reduce internal competition (big SUV prices have faced a difficult market for Canada) and avoiding the issue of selling a rebadged model (GM, Ford and Chrysler, rebadged models in Canada did not succeed). To LB 5,000 (2,300 kg) vehicle, the LX 450 was seized some critics as underpowered, leading to a reduction in its model cycle (despite sales increases) with a V8-powered. The Lexus LX 450 was the top-ranked full of SUV in JD Power and Associates’ Initial Quality Survey, and the lower number of problems during the first three months of ownership.

Lexus LX Second Generation (J100)

During the 1990’s, began work such as the Lexus of the Toyota Land Cruiser (J100), Lexus LX (J100). The design of the final by Hiroya Kitazumi was approved in 1995, and updates by Kitazumi approved in 2001 and 2004 Testing was conducted from mid-1990 until late 1997. In December 1997, the second generation Lexus LX 470 debuted in Los Angeles Auto Show, go to the sale in the fourth 1998. It joined the second floor plan and most of the body panels with the equivalent of the Land Cruiser, and the difference in its appearance before and had a more luxurious interior. Exterior design differences included Quad headlamp main fascia grille and different wheels. Lexus LX was powered by a Lev-certified 4.7-liter V8 engine, which was first produced 172 kW (230 hp), later upgraded to 175 kW (235 hp), and 200 kW (268 hp). The final torque value was 445 N · m (328 lb · ft). Got the point and said 2.900 kg (6,500 lb) package installed.

2002-2005: Night View infrared security camera system was offered as an option in 2002, active in the automotive night vision system first in the world, projecting information on the windshield using the head-up display, the pilot could not vary the brightness using the handle dimmer. The 2003 Lexus LX 470 came đã Gear Ratio Steering (VGRS) system, simple steering ratios from 12.4 1 to 18.0 1 (previously fixed at 19.8 1), which allows the driver to use a little steering input drive in tight areas such as parking lots. By on the highway, small corrections made by the driver will not create excessive vehicular movement. In 2003 for the 2004 model year, Bluetooth optional backup camera came to the navigation system.

2005-2007: In 2005 model year of 2006, a refresher included LED tail lights, added VVT-i engine and increasing power of 205 kilowatts (275 hp). In 2006, the last model year, 2007, Lexus produced 400 “Limited Edition” Lexus LX 470s with Black Onyx paint, stone leather interior, and special edging scuff plates.

Lexus LX Third Generation (J200)

2007-2012: On April 4, 2007, Lexus debuted on the 2008 model year Lexus LX 570 at the New York International Auto Show. It was perfect, and the first to be launched before the expected Land Cruiser mark. The design by Shinichi Hiranaka was approved in 2004, and he was doing the update design approved in 2010. It has a new UL EV-II certified 5.7 L 3UR-FE V8 engine. Power output 286 kW (383 hp) and 546 N · m (403 lb · ft) of torque.

The Lexus LX 570 is 102 mm (4) the overall long 25 mm (1 in) wide, while retaining the same wheelbase. It loses a plastic lower body side cladding leaving the paint exposed. A third of the body mass of the frame’s made of steel and high-tensile, and all the B-pillar, and all three crossmembers are hydroformed steel. Like the Toyota Tundra and the ride in the tow into the frame. The front suspension now uses double wishbones, torsion beam, which gives 230 mm (9) of suspension travel, and the rear continues to use a multi-link suspension with axle solid built for strength and durability. The LX platform has signed test of 240,000 miles and subtropical forests, the Australian outback and the American deserts.

In 2009, the Lexus LX 570 received a score JD Power’s top in its Initial Quality Study. In 2010 for the 2011 model year, Lexus introduced the mild facelift with a new bumper before, and sports models with a bodykit stick on the front and rear Bumpers. The new bumper before he gave the effect of a new Lexus “spindle” grille without any of the primary components bodywork.

2012 Lexus LX 201 (present)

A major facelift came in 2012 in the year 2013 model, Lexus LX, with new grille, Bumpers, headlamps, tail lamps lens and a mixed color changes such as new wheel designs.

Lexus LX 750 2015 Sport

Lexus LX 750 2015 Sport

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