Honda Jazz Hybrid

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Honda Jazz Hybrid – The Honda Fit or Honda Jazz is a five-door compact car from Honda, made for the first time in June 2001 and is now in its second generation. The name “Jazz” is used in Europe, Oceania, Middle East, Africa and parts of Asia, while the name “Fit” in Japan, China and the United States is used.

World markets and manufactures at ten plants in eight countries a turnover of more than 3.5 million in July 2010. The shares of the global platform Honda Fit small car, Aria Fit, Partner, Mobilio, Mobilio Spike, Freed and Freed Spike. July 2010, the global cumulative sales were 3.5 million euros.

Honda gas-electric hybrid version of the Jazz in Japan started in October 2010 and in Europe in early 2011. The Honda Fit EV, a limited production of all-electric version was released in the United States in July 2012. Jaaz Honda was first used by Honda as a trim level package on the 1986 Honda City.

Honda Jaaz the first generation (2001-2008)

The Honda Fit was established in June 2001 in Japan has been on the market and an instant success. In December 2001, it had sold the Toyota Corolla, and 2002 the highest sales in nine of the twelve months of the year. Subsequently was introduced in Europe, Australia, South America, Africa and Southeast Asia, China and Mexico.

The tank under the seat adjustment, front and rear compact rear seats fold often low volume to create a flexible and regularized cargo is excellent for its class. A production model in the United States and Canada, on 8 Published in January 2006 Detroit Auto Show. The car was on the 3rd in Canada April 2006, and the United States on 20 April 2006 launched as 2007 model car. In the North American markets, the first generation Fit was replaced after only two years of a new model 2009 model, which was released in Japan in November 2007 as a model 2008. Later iterations remain the same platforms worldwide.

Honda originally the car “Fitta” call, but the short name in some markets, and renamed it completely in others, upon discovering that in several Nordic languages, fitta a popular slang and vulgar female genitalia

Honda Jaaz second generation (2007)

Setting the second generation debuted 17th October 2007 at the Tokyo Motor Show. The car has a longer wheelbase than its predecessor and is wider and wider. The total height is unchanged, while interior height of 0.3 cm retained several ways of being and cargo configurations, with newly designed head restraints allow convenient folding rear seat increases. The cabin has a larger interior space and boot capacity decreased from 21.3 to 20.6 cubic feet

Jaaz Honda Fit Hybrid (2010)

Fit Hybrid went on sale in Japan in October 2010. The hybrid version starts at 1.59 million yen, the lowest selling price of gasoline hybrid electric vehicles in Japan. Fit Hybrid Features of 1.3 liters and an electric motor, as measured with an estimated consumption of 3.3 liters per 100 kilometers, as in the Japanese 10-15 cycle. The carriage is a parallel hybrid system, which operates in conjunction with the gasoline engine. The parallel hybrid system is simple and easy, while improving the handling and fuel economy.

Honda Jazz Sport

Honda Jazz Sport

The European version called Jaaz Honda Hybrid was unveiled at the Paris Salon in 2010 and was released in early 2011. Honda Jazz for the European and Japanese market headlights, new grille, a leather seating option and a new Lime Green exterior has revised option. The estimated fuel consumption under the EU standard is about 65 miles per gallon and CO2 emissions of 104 grams per km. It has the lowest carbon dioxide emissions of the automatic car in the B segment through when driving the vehicle at a constant speed of the vehicle and low EV emits no carbon emissions: the motor and the vehicle is driven only by the electric motor.

Honda Fit Shuttle and Honda Fit Shuttle Hybrid Jaaz Jaaz (2011)

The Fit Shuttle is a compact MPV that is out of the setting of the second generation and in the home market of Japan. The car uses efficient packaging Fit and Fit Hybrid. The launch of the car in June 2011, was 11th after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan on March March withdrawn 2011th The production of the car was from the Honda plant in Saitama prefecture hit Sayama factory in Suzuka, Mie Prefecture due to a power rationing after the earthquake. Production began in early May 2011. Shuttle Fit for the Car of the Year Japan was elected the 2012.

Honda Jazz Modified

Honda Jazz Modified

The emissions are shared with the Fit. Shuttle Fit has a 1.5-liter i-VTEC 120 hp, which is optional, Japan: Honda Jaaz. A hybrid version of the Fit Shuttle Hybrid. Also equipped with a 1.3 L i-VTEC with IMA available A continuously variable transmission is the only available transmission capacity for FWD models. A five-speed automatic has four disc brakes.

Jaaz Honda Japan

Japanese market sales began in October 2007. Face-lifted models came with the introduction of the hybrid version in October 2010.

The second part of aftermarket tuner, Mugen introduced 22nd October 2007, a new line of accessories for the Japanese market 2008 Honda Fit. Two body kits available, including new front and rear aprons, side skirts, roof spoiler and a chrome tailpipe. Other accessories such as alloy wheels, aluminum pedals, different gauges, a sports exhaust system, stiffer suspension and more are also available.

17th January 2008 Mugen Motorsports introduced the Mugen Fit F154SC the Tokyo Motor Show 2008. F154SC, a compressor in the engine compartment installed lifted the stock L15a power base 1.5 L I4 and 150 hp and 136 ft

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