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The FAW Group Corporation company Chinese government automotive manufacturer headquartered in Changchun, Jilin, China. Its main products cars; buses; light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks, and auto parts. FAW became the first car builder China when introduced by the South African nation’s car rides, Hong Qi, in 1958.

FAW is one of the “Big Four” Chinese automakers, next to Chang’an Motors, Dongfeng Motor, and SAIC Motor. In 2014, the company ranked third on the output capacity of 2.7 million vehicles. FAW has three publicly traded subsidiaries: FAW Car Company (SZSE: 000800), Tianjin FAW Axial Automobile Co Ltd (SZSE: 000927), and Changchun FAWAY Automobile Components Co Ltd (SSE: 600742).

FAW History

In 1953, the first year of the first five-year plan, First Automobile Works broke ground on its first factory although he did its first product, the 4 ton Jie Fang CA-10 truck (based on 150 Azis Russian), until 1956 .

Soviet Russia lent assistance in these early years of technical support, tooling, and production equipment. Before its first factory opened, 39 Chinese workers FAW to Stalin Truck Factory and the discipline of the production truck. Operations Soviet mold, and Russia, and even celebrity choosing Changchun as the first place FAW car-manufacturing facility.The city boasted an industrial base left over from the work of Japanese and, located in the north-east China, near to Russia.

First Automobile Works first made commercial trucks but started producing passenger cars in 1958. These vehicles, Hong Qi luxury sedans, were produced domestically and Chinese cars first. A group of elite only, the design changed little over the three-year production run. After this, FAW Audi’s products are traditionally favored choice for ranking Chinese government officials. The Saudis are, next to the Beijing Benz Mercedes Benzes, Brilliance Auto BMWs, and Lexuses, some Western luxury cars have gained popularity in the market Chinese.

In 1992, the name of the First Automobile Works was changed to China FAW Group Corporation. Although FAW was the fourth of a Chinese automaker to take Western partners, its venture in the morning with the Volkswagen 1990 saw the second Chinese auto company to develop a strong relationship of cooperation with foreign counterpart. SAIC was the first, in 1984 and with VW. Results, not made by foreign-Chinese joint in the preceding FAW-VW are now Beijing Benz (with US partner AMC) and failed to Guangzhou Peugeot Automobile Company.

Volkswagen was the first foreign partner for FAW, but others soon followed. The company acquired 50% ownership of Tianjin Automotive Axial in September, 2002, and renamed the brand FAW Tianjin. As a result, FAW end up with Toyota as foreign Joint Venture partner. FAW established a joint venture with General Motors in 2009 and has joint ventures with a handful of other foreign companies as well.

The company has more than 1.5 million vehicles in 2008, and in 2009 was the largest machinery corporation and the largest auto manufacturer in China. In 2010, 2.56 million units sold made it the third most-productive car manufacturer in China that year, and one of its offerings, FAW axial, the 7th car purchased in China in 2010. It produced 2.6 million cars 2011, the number of any third-largest China-based company. Although retained its third place position, the total number of cars produced in 2012 slowed to 2.3 million. Passenger cars made up a scant compared to 64% of production in that year.

FAW Subsidiaries and Divisions

FAW has at least 28 wholly owned subsidiaries and controlling shares 18 part owned subsidiaries. These include wholly owned subsidiaries FAW Jie Fang Truck Co Ltd and FAW Bus and Coach Co Ltd, the venture foreign joint FAW-Volkswagen Automobile Co Ltd, and publicly traded FAW Car Co Ltd, Tianjin FAW Axial Automobile Co Ltd, and Changchun FAWAY Automobile Components Co Ltd. Unit / year production capacity figures may consider engines and vehicles all different. The following is an incomplete list.

FAW Export Sales

Although primarily manufacturing products for sale in its home market, The FAW has been exported to many countries since 1957 and the sale of three commercial trucks a businessperson in Jordan. the FAW has had customers in more than 80 throughout the life of the company. Nations have exported products include Egypt, Iraq, Kenya, Mexico, Pakistan, Russia, South Africa, and Uruguay.

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