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Chrysler was founded by visionary executive Walter P. Chrysler in 1925, Chrysler launched a passenger car with six cylinders highly advanced, yet surprisingly affordable. The alignment was soon expanded with the introduction and the acquisition of other brands Chrysler, but the Chrysler division became the flagship brand of the parent company. Considered a fellow Cadillac and Lincoln for many years, Chrysler was recognized for innovation and performance.

As a general feeling of apathy set in Detroit in the 1970s, Chrysler’s stature began to decline. By the 1980s, the automaker and its division of the same name were saved by the K-car platform humble, which brought iterations including minivan great success. Chrysler bought American Motors Corporation, briefly merged with Daimler of Germany and, in 2009, was acquired by the Italian Fiat, so automotive namesake brand has taken a decidedly whirlwind international tour.

Chrysler lineup today is anchored at the top of the sort Chrysler bold-300, one of the few critically acclaimed products out of DaimlerChrysler. As a result, Chrysler has been pushed more luxury in the last couple of years it was in the 1980s and 1990s, but still remains below the social ladder Cadillac Detroit is significantly higher quality than Dodge or Ford.

Fiat’s grand plan is to integrate its Italian Lancia with Chrysler to create a premium brand focused style with some overlap product. Chrysler will get some Lancia models designed in North America, while the reverse occurs in Europe. Just how this merger will shake out in terms of future products is unknown, but most critics suggest that Chrysler is looking at his ever brighter future.

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