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Chevrolet Spark, Daewoo Matiz as the background of the global market since 1998 when it replaced the Daewoo Tico Korean automaker GM Korea, is a segment of the car. Matiz originally designed by Italdesign Giugiaro, and was only five doors. The second generation model was launched in 2005, the third generation was introduced in 2010. The generation of cars sold under both Daewoo and various GM brands, and the country was built by local automakers and is sold under license agreement.

The first generation of the Chevrolet Spark (1998-2012)

Daewoo Matiz started production in 1998 and South Korea and many European markets with the code name M100 was sold. The exterior design by Italdesign Giugiaro Lucciola, was rejected on the concept of a fiat Cinquecento, based fiat. 0.8-liter gasoline engine and the transmission is performed by the Daewoo Tico. Engineering and Daewoo Worthing Technical Centre in England is carried out. Over the next four years the best selling car in Europe and became Daewoo models.

Matiz is only a linear motor and the 0.8 L engine of the Tickford, a UK company Milton Keynes was developed from the Tico unit is turned on with. The booklet was distributed to accredited business Tickford connection.

The second generation of the Chevrolet Spark (2005-2009)

In 2005, Matiz 2004 Chevrolet M3X concept car shown at the Paris motor show substantial advances have changed. The upper body is clearly an Italdesign Giugiaro Design, S-Tec engine, better fuel economy, the car’s drag coefficient is based on the updated and revised. The interior has changed significantly from, a notable feature of this car is mounted in the middle of the dashboard. Also, instead of the platform’s key manufacturers and lower wishbones, three-arm front suspension to replace the front and a torsion beam axle rear suspension in the case of the system, is corrected.

In Europe it is sold as the Chevrolet Matiz and Chevrolet Spark is. This Chevrolet Matiz Eco Logic in Italy’s version of the GPL. Matiz Eco Logic Barolo, Cuneo in over 60,000 vehicles by BRC Gas Equipment from 2007 was built in 2010. South Korea, sold only 800 cc engine and following the introduction of M300 Matiz M200 Matiz was renamed to Matiz Classic. It produces more than 2.3 million units have been sold worldwide in the first 10 years. 2011 Chevrolet Spark from Hanoi, Vietnam to produce the complete destruction of the light produced as VIDAMCO Matiz M200. Chevrolet Spark LPG sequential injection LPG was a version for a guy with the Indian market. 1.0L and 1.0L LS LT is built on the model. The car was unveiled in New Delhi, World Environment Day.

The third generation of the Chevrolet Spark (2010 – present)

Two of the vehicles, the Chevrolet Beat, Trax and Groove, with the New York International Auto Show was presented in 2007. Derived from the Daewoo Kalos bit of a front-wheel – drive, three-door concept is not. It is the creation of GM Daewoo in South Korea and India, was designed by. It’s supercharged 1.2-liter gasoline engine with automatic transmission is powered by.

The color of the interior part of the same beat over the head with a green exterior paint job sports. His profile is tapered toward the rear of the front grating high and uniformly. LED headlights appear to extend all the way to the base of the windshield base gate – type. Oversized 17-inch disc brakes, the wheels barely hide the matching green paint. Twin tail lights, which light up the LED.

Chevrolet Spark 2010

Chevrolet Spark 2010

In the spring of 2007, GM conducted a study to determine the production of the car ended up almost 50% of the vote, received a blow with the beat of a Chevrolet Trax and Groove concepts relative popularity of a website is tested. This car is fun, fuel economy and price of a car in the energy, diversity and excitement of urban life, infusing, young car buyers in urban markets was designed to appeal to. GM Chevrolet Spark Woodie shows a prototype version of the Paris Motor Show in 2010.

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