Bentley Continental Flying Spur

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Bentleys have worn the Bentley Continental Flying Spur name on 2 fairly different courses of four-door autos because 1957. The first is a four-door hang out body made to special order by coach builders H. J. Mulliner & Co. On a Bentley Continental body. These physiques were installed London on the various requirements body made in Crewe between 1957 and 1966.

The second is a typical makers catalogue car, a four-door basic production line variation of Bentley is very own Crewe factory-built Continentals. Both may be described as four-door variations of 2-door Bentley Continentals. Constantly for vehicles with more effective engines compared to used in basic vehicles installed in lowered framework offered to coach builders four distinct and recognized physique physiques of specially lightened building.

Bentley Continental Flying Spur have normally been close-coupled two-door barrooms intended for broadband touring and a little less for convenience. They were called Continental, as with some Rolls-Royces before them, because till the 1960s there were no broadband roadways of any kind of length on their home area.

The Bentley Continental Flying Spur is large four-door Grand Tourer with the powerful high-performance of a sporting activities coupé. The vehicle provides unequaled workmanship and refinement– there is leather, timber, or steel on every surface area touched by the resident. The vehicle driver’s seat enjoy numerous power changes, consisting of headrest height, upper leg assistance and massage. Building on Bentley, the timber veneers are mirror-matched, and the leather is cut from amazing hides. The automobile is touted as a competitor to the Rolls-Royce Spider.

Bentley Continental Flying Spur Price

The 2013 Bentley Continental Flying Spur price holds a $209,600 base rate. The Mulliner Driving Requirements supplies pierced alloy foot pedals, 21-inch seven-spoke tires, precious stone cross-stitching on seats, and embossed Bentley company logo on the headrests, which arise when a passenger gets in. Other options feature great furniture-quality service trays with vanity mirrors and fold down lights, and a remote-controlled rear-seat entertainment system in the front row headrests. The Premium Spec supplies Lambswool Rugs.

Bentley Flying Spur 6.0 W12

Bentley Flying Spur 6.0 W12

Bentley Continental Flying Spur Mileage

Each Bentley Continental Flying Spur comes with a 3 year unlimited mileage service warranty and Environmental Protection Agency fuel economic climate estimates of 11 mpg city road. The 6.0-liter W12 engine cranks out 600 HP and 553 lb-ft of torque, which holds the 5580-pound weight from 0– 60 in 4.5 seconds with a full throttle of 200 miles each hour. The guiding column-mounted paddle shifters enable direct accessibility to the six-speed gearbox when the ZF transmission is in “S” or sports method.

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