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Bentley Motors Limited is a British luxury automaker and complete technical management of the German Volkswagen AG. This principal activity is the design, engineering, production and distribution of luxury cars sold under the Bentley marque. Based in Crew, England, Bentley Motors Limited was founded by Wo Bentley on 18 January 1919 in Cricklewood near London and was acquired by RollsRoyce in 1931.  Bentley Motors Limited is the successor of the RollsRoyce Motors, which Volkswagen AG purchased in 1998 The purchase included the design of the car, model nameplates, production and administrative institutions, the Spirit of Ecstasy and RollsRoyce grill Trade shape, but not the use of the RollsRoyce or logo , which is owned by RollsRoyce Holdings plc and later licensed to BMW AG.

Bentley cars are sold worldwide through franchised dealers, and as of November 2012, China was the largest market for Bentley cars. Most of Bentley cars are assembled at the company‘s plant in Crew, with a small number of Continental Flying spurs gathered at the Factory Transparent in Dresden, Germany. Car bodies for the Continental model line produced in Zwickau, Germany. Bentley cars are largely handbuilt. Bentley cars won the Hours of Le Mans 24 in 1924, 1927, 1928, 1929, 1930 and 2003 The current production Bentley models are Spur Continental Flying, Continental GT and Mulsanne. Former Bentley notable production models include the Bentley liter Bentley Speed ​​Six, Bentley Turbo R Bentley Arnage.

Woolf Barnato acquired his first Bentley in 1925, just 12 months before he also acquired the business itself. This car he won numerous Brooklands races. He was a member of a set of social of wealthy British motorists known as the Boys Bentleywho favored the cars of Wo Bentley. Were independently wealthy, often in the background of military service. Barnato was nicknamed Babe”, in ironic respect to his stature boxer‘s boxing.

Bentley’s business was underfunded, but inspired by the 1924 Le Mans win by John Duff and Frank Clement, Barnato agreed to finance Bentley‘s business. Barnato was incorporated in romans Ltd in 1922, which was present as his Finance and investment vehicle. Via romans, Barnato initially invested in excess of £ 100,000, saving the business and its employees. A financial Bentley is the first company and all existing creditors paid off for £ 75,000. Existing shares were devalued from £ 1 each to just 1 shilling, or 5% of their original value. Barnato held 149,500 of new shares giving him control of the company and became chairman. Barnato injected cash in the business: 35,000 £ secured debenture in July 1927, £ 40,000 in 1928, £ 25,000 in 1929 with renewed financial input, Wo Bentley was able to design another generation of cars.

In 2002, Bentley presented Queen Elizabeth II with the State Limousine to celebrate her Jubilee Golden. In 2003, twodoor convertible Bentley, the Bentley Azure, ceased production, and Bentley introduced a second line, Bentley Continental GT, a coupe luxury, powered by w12 engine built in the crew. Demand had been so great that the factory at Crew is unable to meet orders despite the positions listed about 9,500 cars a year; were on the waiting list of over a year in new cars to be delivered. As a result, the production of the new Flying Spur, a four door version of the Continental GT, was assigned to the Factory Transparent (Germany), where the Volkswagen Phaeton luxury car with the gathered. This arrangement ceased at the end of 2006 after around 1,000 cars, and all the car returned to the plant production crew.

In April 2005, Bentley confirmed plans to produce a fourseat convertible modelthe Azure, located in the Arnage Drophead Coupe prototypeat Crew beginning in 2006 By the fall of 2005, the convertible version of the successful Continental GT, the Continental GTC, presented. These models were successfully launched in late 2006 Running a limited GT Zagato modified announced in March 2008, called GTZ”. The new version of Bentley Continental was introduced at the 2009 Geneva Auto Show: The Supersports Continental. This new Bentley is a Supercar includes Pow extreme  The GT3 Bentley Continental entered into by the MSport factory team won round Ulverstone of the 2014 Blancpain Endurance Series.

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