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The Audi A7 is well styled, spacious and practical alternative to the Mercedes CLS. If consumers like the idea of ​​big car Executive drive, but you can not really see that behind the wheel of a huge heavy lounge as the BMW 5 Series or Audi A6 and Audi A7 Sportback can be a very good car for you. Audi has attacked the Audi A7 to rival cars like the BMW 5 Series GT and Mercedes CLS, which are subtly different Audi A7 with the idea. The Audi A7 is a stylish and comes loaded with technology, and the Audi A6 based luxury, so you have a lot of equipment and tried and tested and components.

Buyer do not get as varied a selection of engines in some models of Audi, instead of getting that elects its limited number of high-power 3.0-liter petrol and diesel, as well as an option for all-wheel drive Quattro Audi and. These are the three main specifications – Executive SE specification car, mid-range S Line and stop Black Edition models range – and all vehicles to provide a decent quality standard equipment.

Audi A7 Interior

Inside the Audi A7, the interior is impressive, the instrument panel sports an elegant dashboard and controls are great to look at, while easy to use. It may be a four solid pitches for sofa like two seats in the back without a seatbelt, but most adults easily find the most comfortable limousine Audi A8. What is more, following the renovation in the summer of 2014, all vehicles come with four-zone automatic air conditioning to help heat or cool each passenger to taste.

Buyer can easily stretch your legs while passengers who are over six feet tall will not have problems with headroom because of the sloping roof. The interior is nice and quiet with an acoustic windscreen further filter any wind noise, road or engine. Flat for Audi A7 trunk is easily accessible. You only have four seats in the Audi A7, but there is still the same amount of space that you get a cheap Audi A6. Its 535 liters of luggage that the Mercedes CLS, and added a strong 1350 liters if you fold rear seats down flat, so it is more than enough storage capacity.

With the rear seats in place, the boot a little shallow, but go a long way and there is plenty of room for awkwardly shaped items. Hatchback tailgate means easier access to space, and as a result would have been more usable. There are also plenty of interior storage ,. Unfortunately, the appearance of a weak point, so the optional rear view camera to buy.

Audi A7 Engines

The Audi A7 is built using 20 percent aluminum to reduce weight and improve handling. But that does not change the fact that the car is still very large, weighing 1,700 kg. However, Audi has accomplished its mission, because the A7 really handle very well, and the optional Quattro all-wheel drive improves traction even more, especially in slippery conditions. The Audi A7 Ultra is our selection thanks to a combination of performance and running costs, and the new seven-speed S waterproof automatic transmission computer and smoother than the previous eight-speed automatic CVT. No speed of more value than anything else, this is the engine and gearbox that we’d go for.

Audi A7 S Line

Audi A7 S Line

Direction, however, is not quite up to par, demonstrating less agile and responsive than the Mercedes CLS, which is no fun less overall lead. All models are equipped with Audi Drive Select system, however, allowing you to change the settings for suspension and steering for you. If you want the best performance, however, you definitely need to go for the Audi RS7 S7 or, which have a powerful gasoline engine V8 twin-turbo that offer a lot of insight to drive in curves, even sportier handling.

Audi A7 Safety

The Audi A7 has yet to make his debut in the customer satisfaction survey Power Driver, but since it is based on the A6, you can expect to score. The Audi A6 finished 26th in the 2014 survey, and put Audi achieved 12 manufacturers of mid-table ranking. The owners of the Audi A6 and-build quality, performance and technology in the car, but not so well for ride quality, handling on the road and running costs but the savings in the new Audi A7 Ultra car should take the latter.

The Audi A7 has not been subjected to tests for Euro NCAP safety and risk yet, but the A6 ensure full five-star rating, with 91 percent strengths protection fee, so expect the Audi A7 to do the same . It comes equipped with front, side and curtain airbags, electronic stability control, anti-lock brakes and pressure control tire series. Buyer can also add the active lane assist, adaptive cruise control and night vision as optional extras.

Audi A7 Price

Even the Audi A7 entry is expensive, there is no doubt that the Audi A7 is a desirable, serious, car and, of course, is reflected in the hefty price list. You need at least £40,000 to get one and if the trigger with the list of options, and that the Audi A7 price easily be as high as £90,000 sky rocket.

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