Audi A4 Wagon

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Audi A4 Wagon – The Audi A4 is a car of the D segment product line since late 1994 by the German car manufacturer Audi, a subsidiary of Volkswagen Group. The A4 has been built in four generations and is based on the platform of the Volkswagen example based The first generation A4 succeeded the Audi 80 Internal numbering treats small manufacturers A4 as a continuation of the Audi 80 line, with the initial A4 as the B5-series, followed by the designated B6, B7, B8 and current. The B8 A4 is based on the platform of the Volkswagen Group MLB with many other Audi models, and built a Porsche in the Volkswagen group together.

Automotive Design A4 in a longitudinal direction of the motor is oriented in the front transaxle type transmission mounted on the rear of the engine. The cars are front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive on some models, “quattro”. The A4 is available as a sedan / sedan and estate / wagon. The second and third generations (B7) of the A4 also had a convertible version, but B8 convertible version was a variant of the Audi A5 Audi went into the compact class, rather cutting direction.

The first-generation Audi A4 began in 1994 with production beginning in November 1994. It was jointly built on the Volkswagen Group B5 platform, with the fourth generation Volkswagen Passat. He had a longitudinal engine mounted in the front and front wheel drive. Many variations of the A4 were also in the Audi quattro four-wheel drive. The A4 was initially introduced as a sedan / four-door sedan, Avant came a year later. A wide range of engines were available in European markets are available, from 1.6 to 2.8 liters for petrol and 1.9 liter diesel engine with Volkswagen Group’s VE technology capable of 90 hp or 110 hp, although the 2.8-liter V6 engine from Audi, made from the old 80/90 was the only engine option in North America until 1997.

The Audi A4 was the first model in the Volkswagen Group, was developed by the new 1.8 liter 20v engine with five valves per cylinder, on the unit Audi Sport for touring car racing introduced. A turbocharged version produced 150 hp and a torque of 210 Nm This technology was added to the V6 family of engines in 1996, 2.8-liter V6 30v, which now produced 193 hp. Audi also has its new automatic tiptronic B5 platform developed on the device for generating Porsche 911 964 was launched. The transmission is a conventional automatic transmission with torque converter and the driver fully automatic operation or manual selection of gear ratios.

Audi A4 2004

Audi A4 2004

Audi A4  TDI Concept (2008)

Includes a common rail TDI diesel engine 1968 cc 120 hp and 290 Nm nominal, a start-stop system and regenerative braking. You can use a fuel 3.99L per 100 km and CO2 emissions of 105 g. It can accelerate from 0-100 km per hour in 10.7 seconds, with a top speed of 206 km per hour. Other features include power steering power, revised aerodynamics, low rolling resistance 225, 45R17 tires and electrical actuation of the rear brakes. For a model changes to the cycle of the integration of new technologies and to maintain the competitiveness model. These changes are based on the designated model year of the vehicle. In Australia, the B8 has two revisions subjected to three variants, B8 B8 B8 MY10 and MY11.

Audi A4 S Line

Audi A4 S Line

Audi A4  Facelift (2012-present)

The new A4 facelift headlights and LED taillights redesigned front bumper with fog lamps and dual exhaust. Interior changes include a three-wheel steering and ignition remodeled stores. Controls for the air conditioning, infotainment and windows Central gain of chromium. A4 radio with eight speakers, including standard, while the MMI navigation system with voice control is optional. A new “Select Drive system” allows the driver comfort, dynamic modes or energy efficiency to choose. The performance of the 1.8 TFSI with 170 hp and 320 Nm of torque – an increase of 10 hp and 70 Nm compared to previous versions. Electromechanical power steering as standard.

Audi A4 2006

Audi A4 2006

Audi A4  Biofuel Speed Record

In 2009, Hohenester was sporting his HS 650 Audi B7 A4 Quattro modified set a new world record speed of the car biogas 364.6 km per hour  faster on the test track in Papenburg, Lower Saxony, driven by Jürgen Hohenester. The vehicle has to comply with a twin-turbo V6 3.0-liter with 700 hp electronically limited.

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