2020 RAM Rebel

July 29th, 2020 | Comments Closed | RAM

The 2020 RAM Rebel is a 4×4 concept truck, by the FCA US LLC design studio for the Texas State Fair as an engineering, design and consumer interest study. On June 1, 2018, Mike Manley, Head of Ram and Jeep, announced that a TRX-based production truck would be produced before 2022 under the five-year plan. The Ram Rebel 1500 Concept has been engineered with clay-lined seating to keep the distinctive Racing Harness of six passengers and a paddle shifter under control.

The 2020 Rebel TRX concept will be specially designed to hold the entire crowd. plant and in comfort. The Ram 1500 Rebel® TRX concept uses a link-coil rear suspension system that is shared only with the fastest off-road trucks in desert racing. The Ram 1500 is a force that should not be confused with the Rebel Concept. The concept features distinctive Ram front grills, steel struts, and hard-vein body-design designs that complement the aggressive bulkhead wells.

2020 RAM Rebel Features

The Ram 1500 Rebel 2020 (TRX Concept) is capable of breaching both outdoor terrain and sidewalks. The variations that did not produce the concept, the prototype is the Mopar 18 “tire-related tires, body-color matching rings, two full-size spare wheels, and tires in a bed configuration. space for jack, tower strap, and more tools. Other production outputs include a six-inch wider track to cover a wider wheel, giving the truck a wax-like look from above, LED lights, a tire rack-mounted LED light bar, integrated with a five-inch side drain protector, rails, skid plates, the rear axle is the Dynatrac Pro 60 and the vehicle also has electronic axle lockers available in every way.

2020 RAM Rebel 1500 OTG

2020 RAM Rebel 1500 OTG

The modified suspension “DS” Series Ram is built on a 1500 frame. The link reel-based suspension is upgraded with performance hoses, 2.5 “King Racing Shocks and a 9% increase in 13″ front and rear 9” is best for Rabel travel.

2020 RAM Rebel Interior

Inside, the Ram Rebel 1500 also has a number of salvage diversions embedded in the seats, “sport-sanctioned side supports embroidered with the upper logo,” six-point harnesses, fabric doors, console switch, rotary picker. unit modes, anodized steering wheel with pointed accents, paddle shifters, Rabel TRX tagging, carbon fiber, and red metal inlays, a rear-view mirror-mounted camera, and a six-bar sporting harness. The concept has a non-production “Header Red” shade that was applied to thirty different coats.

2020 RAM Rebel Engine

The 6.2-liter HEMI is powered by a popular Hellcat-based Dodge Chargers, Challengers, and Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, but for 575 hp for the truck application, they switched to a TorneFlite 8HP70 transmission and a 44-45 BorgWarner. transfer case. The drive train has four modes to choose from: Normal, Wet / Snow, Off-road and Off

2020 RAM Rebel Safety

The standard retrospective camera comes in every 2020 Ram 1500. Optional safety features include side-collision warning, automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, rear traffic alert, lane departure warning, lane assist, beam headlamps, windshield wipers, surround-view camera system, 2020 RAM Rebel front, and rear parking sensors, and parallel and perpendicular park support.