2019 Acura CDX

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The 2019 Acura CDX is a subcompact luxury crossover SUV by Acura, a luxury subsidiary of Honda. The car started at Auto China in 2016. The 2019 CDX is being manufactured at the ZengCheng plant in Guangzhou, China and was only sold in July 2016. Since 2016, the CDX has been announced as a Chinese domestic market (CDM) model with Acura that it has no plans to launch in North America. Acura, however, considered selling the CDX 2019 in the United States according to comments in April 2017 by Jon Ikeda, Group Vice President of Acura USA.

2019 Acura CDX Engine

The CDX is the first Acura that has been equipped with a turbocharger in the factory since the first generation RDX. The power comes from a 134 kW (182 PS, 180 HP) 1.5-liter DOHC VTEC Turbo connected to an 8-speed dual-coupler transmission. 2019 Acura CDX is available in front-wheel drive (FWD) and All-Wheel Drive (AWD) configurations.

The CDX is based on the Honda HR-V and uses a MacPherson prop-independent front suspension with a solid rear suspension. The 2019 Acura CDX FWD can accelerate to 100 km / h (62 mph) in 8.6 seconds and in 9.7 seconds for the AWD models.

2019 Acura CDX China

The first China-made Acura was launched in the local market. The company says luxury sports utility CDX is in line with global quality standards and comes in five variants. The proposed retail price ranges from 229,800 yuan ($ 34,561) to 309,800 yuan. The car is located to meet the requirements of Chinese customers, and it contains overall new design concepts, according to the company. The automaker expects to realize a sales volume of over 10,000 units in the remaining five months of 2016.

Acura 2019 CDX

Acura 2019 CDX

Acura CDX 2019 USA

Acura CDX 2019 USA

The new model is powered by a turbocharged 134 kW engine, which is 1.5 liters. It is combined with an 8-speed dual-coupler gearbox for fuel consumption and frosting. Basic maintenance and road maintenance services are provided free of charge to owners for four years or 100,000 km.

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