2015 Bentley Continental GT

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The 2015 Bentley Continental GT V8 S steps up the urgency, but it keeps intact STI demeanor gentlemanly. The 2015 Bentley Continental GT V8 S is a great cosmic Which is to understand this once-stodgy brand has changed. All-wheel-drive GT Its family can be seen as a high-shouldered exotic in some aspects of performance numbers, for example yet carries a special touring car AMONG gloss, and there is no sacrifice in comfort on the road.

2015 Bentley Continental GT Design

The 2015 Bentley Continental GT medal look somewhat more vane, With aluminum Sheetmetal creased helps it stand as a kind piece sharpshouldered art and rolling, while the GTC Consider what we get to look somewhat more traditional. As for the S model, it receives a set of unique visual Priorities, with a rear diffuser, a front splitter aggressive, each side Sills and description, and the 20inch wheels and red brake calipers painted. V8 cars are classified Grill blackedout badging Their redenameled, and the number eight exhaust pipes.

With much attention paid to the details of the internal, cabin space do not bother, Its really what the Continental GT and GTC then go for it. While the front seats are comfortable cross-country, there, Its a little less elbow room than you might expect; and rearseat areas of the 2015 Bentley Continental GT include bucket seats two, With legroom far less than you might expect from a car that, the length of a midsize sedan.

The coupes 2015 Bentley Continental GT and GTC convertible are built with the look and feel of a handmade ​​interior, and superbly appointed. Eat GTC convertible with the top and fold in That 25 seconds; woven with great quality and damps out road noise. We heartily recommend the Bentley Mulliner package of leather quilted, chrome knurled, and turned aluminum trim, and optional lambswool rugs. The convertible top is for 2015 Bentley Continental GTC models offered Preferred three different colors, and there is a wide range of twotone colors hide within the range of four standard. V8 model for Exclusive Dark Fiddleback Eucalyptus wood veneer on the inside, and the long cloth Headliner and center console instead of a fulllength console w12 models. The system includes an electronic climate control, Bluetooth and DVD navigation system and the climate control and audio functions. Navigation system sports Google maps and a vibrant 8-inch LCD Touchscreen. A Naim audio system has mashed, flat sound, for the additional $ 7,000

2015 Bentley Continental GT  Engine

2015 Bentley Continental GT V8 S model, the model then the last year, rising to the occasion in 2015 as the performance of the touring car, with a highoutput 4.0liter twinturbocharged V8 that makes 521 horsepower and 502 poundfeet of torque. It, Äôs mated to an eight speed ZF automatic transmission that includes the S mode with sharper throttle response and shift logic aggressive. V8 GT S models get 60 Mph just 4.3 seconds, and top speed of 192 Mph. GT V8 models carry output of 500 hp and 487 LBft over from last year. Both the GT coupe and convertible Preferred up and gave With a 6.0liter top twinturbocharged W12 engine produces 631 hp Mustang.

The 2015 Bentley Continental GT W12 versions are coming straight line of the program, however. Making 567 horsepower and 516 poundfeet of torque, while the Speed ​​pump power up to 616 hp and 590 LBft. Bentley puts a 12-cylinder coupe‘s 0-60 Mph at less than 4.3 seconds a top speed STI sets of 195 Mph, With convertibles running a little bit, and Speed ​​coupes hitting 60 Mph in 4.0 seconds and topping out at 205 Mph. These wonderful acts for cars that probably weighs three tons. Despite the higher output of the models w12, its noted that the V8 models feel perkier and more vivid behind the wheel; expect an expansion of the V8 S models and hope to soon update the review on the incident to call. Also, according to models V8 Bentley can go more than 500 miles on a tank, thanks in part to the system cylinder deactivation that runs directinjection engine in V4 mode under lightload conditions.

2015 Bentley Continental GT  Safety

Although neither of the US security agencies to be crashtested safety Anxiety Continental almost seems like a Moot point GT, Its considering the construction of energy, and Its full range of airbags and pop-up roll bars for Mustang models 2015 Bentley Continental GT for additional protection. The standard camera system is much appreciated, however, as the highand rearthis can be a challenge to see over.

2015 Bentley Continental GT White

2015 Bentley Continental GT White