2014 Honda Pilot

February 12th, 2013 | 0 Comments | Honda

2014 Honda Pilot SUV draws much attention. This amazing car has broken all records in terms of speculation. If coming on the market? What is your motive? They undergo a redesign? What is your capacity and performance? These are just some of the topics on the new Honda Pilot. Our knowledge of all this, we will share with you.

Nothing is certain can be said about this car, but the information and there are many speculations. Apparently Honda rider for 2014, there will be a negligible change compared to the previous model. Chances are that the new model with the Earth Dreams 3.5L V6 (310HP and 265 lb-ft) is presented. This will be the only significant improvement of this vehicle. Significant changes (probably a complete redesign), in the year 2015. During 2014, the Honda Pilot updated version of the current model, it will be a bit more expensive. Price target of models and equipment packages that offer: LX – $ 31,000, EX – $ 32,400, $ 35,000 EX-L, Touring $ 41.300. Special care will be available with AWD system, navigation system and rear DVD entertainment system.

A large number of additional advantages offered by automakers, may discourage, but a great car to drive to give their owners a new and sensational. This also applies for 2014 Honda Pilot. SUVs, some it represents the luxury, while many see it as a basic need. 2014 Pilot will take you to more remote and inaccessible terrain, and feel very comfortable with him. It is achieved excellent presentation and the number of seats and a personal space for all passengers. In addition, the excellent design and the variety of features make this car special. Get ready for an adventure to take along seven friends, and the fun can begin. You can enjoy the performance of the Honda Pilot, feel the strength of his power, adaptive traction and all-terrain 4 × 4 system, make driving difficult terrain VTM flow. During this time, passengers can enjoy 8 “TFT and incredible comfort.

2014 Honda Pilot Design

2014 Honda Pilot Design

It is not known whether every model of the 2014 Honda Pilot have the CVT. The fact that Honda has continuously improved their vehicles, indicates that this vehicle brings a pleasant surprise. Assumptions about the engines that will drive the new Honda Pilot, are very interesting. According to unconfirmed information, but there is the ability to embed 220hp 1.6L diesel engine. It draws more attention to the new Earth Dreams 3.5L V6 engine, 310 horsepower, which supposedly launch a redesigned 2014 model year. For the European market, Honda Fit Hybrid model plans, while the market S is the hybrid version. However, the standard engine, a 1.5L 4-cylinder with CVT (DSV) will be.

2014 Honda Pilot Price

We have mentioned that the new Honda Pilot to be, simply updating the current model, the price is not very different. Our opinion is that no one will go wrong buying the current model, it is a new model for some time to wait. The expected prices for 2014 are: LX – $ 31,000, EX – $ 32,400, $ 35,000 EX-L, Touring $ 41.300.

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