2014 Honda CRV Release Date

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The redesigned 2014 Honda CRV crossover to the next generation. 2014 Honda CRV you spy shots of it can be found. Honda is as tight-lipped as can be about its future products. In recent history, and that the next 2014 Honda CR-V is a gentle update of the current car, but rather represent a radical redo will be used to determine whether you’re on the left.

Honda CRV 2013 is the perfect machine with four cylinders, and more resilient. This is the current CR-V as the current 2.4 liter engine, will be replaced and they can expect 180-200 hp, although the number is probably, near the bottom end of the range. Fuel economy is slightly improved drive specification, the current model is 21 mpg city and 28 mpg highway should have a rating.

2014 Honda CRV European prototype

The 2014 Honda CRV spy shots of the wee look, you will be moved by car. Honda CR-V is a newly re-Stunner with great beauty and purchasing power will be.

The CR-V was to have a major change, can seat assembly. Until now, every CR-V seats that have become tight. This photo is hanging in the back of the car, but it seems to be only one third-row seats for passengers with small feet may be room for. Toyota RAV4 in three lines, but most others for this segment of the maximum.

Some of his current form is CR-V, call toll-raising vehicle, but it is a staple Honda, have a good driving dynamics and more than 200,000 Americans each year for a reasonable choice. Even without the specific details of the current generation CR-V, we are confident to say, this is a car sales success in today for approval. We hope that the presence of a 2014 Honda CRV Honda will present a new generation of unique performance.

2014 Honda CRV Technology

A new steering wheel comes festooned with a host of audio source button, the button along with a small volume, cruise control and phone commands to adjust, the upper left of the new high – mounted on the dash to display cycles through the various functions.

Honda calls it an “Intelligent Multi-Information Display” and it is the value of all CR-V models, navigation screen, acting as a complement to the clock and temperature display, driving instructions, music source artist information, fuel economy and range, or a copy of the By uploading a custom wallpaper to show off your children. It is the picture and it works, but we intend to employ engineering effort was directed to continue at the Honda Navigation System.

2014 Honda CRV Functionality

Navi’s existing functionality, but compared to almost everything else on the market, both the user interface and feature count lag far behind the curve. Claim Honda CR-V’s touchscreen setup has been upgraded, but the navigation graphics are still MapQuest around 2005, and the effectiveness of the audio screen Windows 3.1 out almost the same as other modern systems, the market is not as intuitive.

2014 Honda CRV Redesign

2014 Honda CRV Redesign

2012 the main additions to real-time traffic information on a tethered iPhone and a new SMS respond system that works with only a few Blackberry smartphone via SiriusXM, Pandora radio functionality provided by. However, Bluetooth connectivity and supports all iPod models, the quality, large center storage console with a USB port and auxiliary mount and a new line with a group of cubbies in the door, along with a pair of water bottle-shaped center console slot.

2014 Honda CRV Gallery

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