2014 Honda Civic Hatchback

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2014 Honda Civic Hatchback – Well, that was fast. 2012 Honda Civic after all, centered on the bashing, it appears to benefit from the new model 2013 has a quick recovery. Urban Hybrid and Si with a trio at the 2012 LA Auto Show, is an attempt, causing a scene about to see. 2014 Honda Civic understand it much attention, and many car shows as like to replace it than to contribute to the premium. Open a new grille, new hood, Accord-esque rear end, and the sound of the new law is the most significant changes, but it is much better inside the sedan.

2014 Honda Civic-Si-sedan price

The instrument used for the dashboard and headliner look more upscale, while a rear camera, Pandora, Bluetooth, and come standard SMS texting. It’s a little bit of that as a sliding center armrest count Additionally, every citizen in it. However, some significant changes, price increases for the new models. All outgoing 2013 model cars will cost more than $ 160, which starts LX $ 18.955.

In addition to the aforementioned changes, $ 21.605 EX oil the new 16-inch shaft, a gloss black mesh grille, brushed aluminum door garnishes are finished, and automatic climate control adds. $ 24,555 for the top-navigation with the EX-L gets ready to ride the new fog lights lower valance and chrome and leather seats, all of the above.

2014 Honda Civic Hybrid

Meanwhile, racier Si, which is the six-speed manual front wheel to send all 201 horses if used, should be set back $ 23,505. Hybrid also gets help with her new additions for 2013, a new grille, foglights, daytime running lights and tail lights, satellite radio and Honda’s quality Forward Crash Warning and Lane Departure Warning with LED. 2014 Honda Civic-Si-triplets, as well as the Civic sedan as well as her debut, and the price was $ 40,570. The plug-in hybrid is EPA 115 MPGe rate, and a 13-mile EV range. PHEV is similar to a cold tires and a wide grille with a running windmill has real presence.

2014 Honda Civic-Si-sedan sales in New York and California, where it qualifies for HOV access January 15. As for the non-plug-in hybrid Honda Accord, automaker says 2014 Honda Civic-Si-sedan car to 49 mpg city highway rate expected.

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