2014 Ford Raptor

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2014 Ford Raptor – 2014 Ford Raptor has a long tradition in the pick-up segment, which dates back to 1917. Instead of pure workhorse pickups today, however, are more cars lifestyle manufacturing, which have received the old high school. The best example is the new 2014 Ford Raptor trucks quality and offers the comfort of a collective action. Gone are the days of reeds and hand trucks are spartan feel. In the design of the brand as the new Ranger’s “kinetic development” and has been first class on the first day. Inside you will find a modern design and is in a normal car, such as attributes and convenience. As standard, the 2014 Ford Raptor has actually been here in relation to the new all-wheel-drive, which can be changed with a speed of 120 km per hour. By the end surface then the position control of the four-wheel drive “4L”, the reduction leads to the Ranger and difficult terrain. Aboard a hill assist a Hill Descent Control, emergency braking assistance, ESP, ABS, a stabilizing pendant, 7 airbags, audio system, electric heated mirrors and front electric windows modifiable.

Leaving Double Cab XLT trim levels are offered to the top three, Limited and Wildtrak. The XLT comes with the 2.2-liter TDCi specification now has 150 hp 110 kW on the market and could also be integrated with an automatic transmission 2014 Ford Raptor. also try more than one unit higher sound quality with 4.2 “multi-function, 2-zone automatic climate control, power driver seat flexible, leather seats, rear parking sensors and 17” alloy wheels. With the comfortable leather seats, front armrest installation and separately modifiable environmental control also has a lot of luxury on board. Unfortunately, the impressive natural skin alignment of the wheel and not just in height is variable in length, the ruins of the general perception of something positive.

The first impression when I saw the appearance or face all-new 2014 Ford Raptor when you open the envelope, the van is now much more free of problems or sweet. Rough impression is reduced. It is recognized by Graig Metros as Development Manager for All-New 2014 Ford Raptor in an exclusive interview with Indonesian journalists. He said this when he describes the idea of ??creation, when small truck introduced.

“Everything is in accordance with the requirements of the customers. Therefore, before securing development is chosen, we conducted a survey. Selected obviously looks better now. Nevertheless, the perception of today, the style, high-tech, and obviously stays performance benefit consumers spcially if all create-2014 Ford F150 Raptor “, chose a smaller dimension,” went to the Mets. During almost 20 years the 2014 Ford Raptor is one of the most popular Ford trucks worldwide. has provided millions of buyers with Ford tough vehicle capacities heavy loads, pulling trailers and absorbing punishment for the most difficult paths. now Ford has more capacity, but in reality has firmly to a modern form, has been converted taut and muscular strength and durability go.

Although the figure is sweeter physical, tires and alloy wheels 18 inch, all-new 2014 Ford Raptor as a solid. Age variation used 15 inch steel wheels. For the ASEAN market, Ford has a normal, healthy design, super and double. Ford Rangers also claimed ranger style cabin is now the largest in its segment. Drive systems are provided 4 x 2 and 4 x 4 New Ford Ranger 4×4 comes in two types of lifts. 2014 Ford Raptor made adjustments to the overall development of the body, interior and the cabin. In fact, the new complete engine found in many alternatives. The innovation must be brand new Bluetooth voice control and a video camera in the rearview mirror imaged to the atmosphere in the back of the car.

2014 Ford Raptor Green

2014 Ford Raptor Green

The electric motor to the tires of 2014 Ford Raptor collected 6-speed DSG automatic transmission to move. To surpass this brand new gear shift mechanism to ensure that additional subtle and easily took. The automatic variation is made with sequential shift control. A new breakthrough for Ford Ranger automatic transmission is the ability to identify the vehicle in uphill conditions through features Grade Logic commands. The samples will certainly at a slower speed to move when the car so that you get the effect of stopping the engine down. This can be achieved as the system is ready to be displayed. Further security is ESP, ABS and ABS is created to work if the driver brakes suddenly. While in Bangkok, presented a production of 2014 Ford Raptor reveals the physical support for the Australian public, years ago, exactly at the Sydney motor show in October. The look in Bangkok was present official complaint to the 2014 Ford Raptor to make the East Village.

2014 Ford Raptor Gallery

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