2014 Ford Atlas

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2014 Ford Atlas – According to the automaker, the 2014 Ford Atlas principle is a preview of the upcoming generation of the ever popular Ford F-150 and the model is affected by the F-250 and F350. The 2014 Ford Atlas is built with an output of 110 V, with a Marauder back door, with bulging fenders, with a prominent grille, LED lights front and some other settings that may be used by the next generation of the Ford F -150.

The cabin of the 2014 Ford Atlas concept offers legroom, leather seats compared with stitching and metal, among others. The design is also available with a 360-degree camera with dynamic disadvantage care system, and much more. The final production version of the Ford F-150, the new generation definitely use might be the 2015 model year in its name, so it will no doubt appear on the market in 2014 will undoubtedly turn EcoBoost engine turbocharged engine under the hood, with the injection and must play a major work in fuel consumption. Now limited even more details about the future of the Ford F-150 or Ford 2014 Atlas principle.

2014 Ford Atlas  today show Atlas principle to determine the development, performance, fuel efficiency and new technologies, the future smart pickup trucks. “The Ford Atlas examines undoubtedly change what people go out of their pick-up”, Ford group vice head of state. “Pickup Sold with 36 Years, we are absolutely committed to put the plan in the truck market.”

The 2014 Ford Atlas principle reflects long-standing attention to customers at points of those who work and play. The result is a purposeful creation, with famous wheel arches, large, chiseled position grill everything Built Ford useful to improve their image challenge. “We prefer, such as the Ford trucks to help customers in their worlds, both experts in person,” Ford vice president and chief artistic team. Attribute in the vehicle has to function and capacity building were not only difficult aspect Atlas 2014 Ford designed. “.

Designers to improve the functionality of the vehicle, while the production of new advanced features. For example, a set of bunks inside the walls of the cargo box and tons of soil are built, along with 110 volt sockets in the cargo box asking for power tools. An integrated roof rack unit and hidden retractable ramps offer specialized truck capacity for a variety of jobs.  The interior is decorated with style and features details current thinking on comfort, utility and potential for improvement. Cutting-edge, seat thin, light natural leather, comfortable legroom in the rear can be added for travelers. Alongside integrated storage space for smaller items “Drifting” pods tools and glove-friendly buttons and commands remain useful and strong in demanding.

The 2014 Ford Atlas Idea has an EcoBoost powertrain of the next generation, which has an improved truck engine start-stop technology, modern closure. Auto Start-Stop switches off the engine when stopped in traffic on the site to save gas and keep carefully to the attribute when the truck is known to be towed provided. EcoBoost direct treatment make use of a turbocharger and fuel consumption advantage of about 20 percent offer and the reduction of CO2 emissions by up to 15 percent. 500,000 engines actually have been sold worldwide, 250,000 in 2014 as the Ford Atlas.

Added to the end of a discussion about his new Transit Connect vans and transport industry in the Detroit Auto Show, Ford added a shock Atlas shows its full size Ford pickup early 2014. The Atlas is a thin wrapped see exactly what the production-spec Ford 2015 F-150 will. In 2014, Ford Atlas everyone who says to listen with attention smiles, the F-Series truck was actually the best-seller in the United State’s collection for 36 years previously. This is important, especially considering GM just unveiled its new pick-up full-size 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra, competing on the same set of buyers. Base Ford thing, the Atlas is a question of fuel efficiency renovations, possible modern technologies and capacity expansions.

The look of the 2014 Ford Atlas is the only contemporary built Ford tough, with a bulging tire arches, a waistline that has ever seen in the front doors, and some of the biggest snarling nose grill on a F-150th Behind extraordinary is the next generation of Ford EcoBoost twin-turbo 3.5-liter V-6 with a “truck-enhanced” start-stop unit. Other fuel-saving improvements in energy atlas have venetian blinds that reduced cooling requirements driven by aerodynamics and active wheel blinds actually the openings of the wheels with the rates. The front air intake on the highway to reduce to improve airflow under the body and increases at lower prices, clear all terrain and obstacles town. A total of 2014 Ford expects a refurbishment Atlas 2 mpg highway fuel economy thanks to these actions. In relation to some of the other features of the Atlas, we have actually seen some of them: 110-volt outlets in bed actually in the Toyota Tacoma, the number one tie of load-bearing walls and floor surfaces were largely Bed vans are in today’s video 360-degree camera-common is fast becoming a staple of Nissan, NC and glove-friendly changes in the interior is a component in the expansion of Toyota.

But there are also some 2014 Ford Atlas unique details like a step as a payload weighing, a roof system for the transportation of a lot longer, and hidden ramps that move under the floor of the bed. Some of the components in the Atlas arouse our interest in fact. Downside support is dynamic, which uses the camera back and successfully align trace lines as a kind of unit guidelines for motorists and ball head. One plus is the fuse trailer help that Ford claims 2014 Atlas help beginners back a trailer into a parking space as a professional truck driver with the turn of a knob. If these attributes certainly is the production-spec 2015 F-150 is an additional problem. However, if 2014 Ford Atlas is serious about maintaining its sales lead full size truck.

2014 Ford Atlas Concept

2014 Ford Atlas Concept

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