2014 Ferrari Laferrari

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2014 Ferrari Laferrari – The style laferrari 2014 ferrari first difficulty raised the Prancing Horse Group in the preparation phase of the design. The aim was to carry out an optimal weight distribution of 59% in the back and a compact wheelbase despite the additional weight of the hybrid unit. The result is that all masses between two axles of the vehicle are lower safe and compact as close as possible to the bottom of its center of gravity of 35 mm and thus the handling of high levels. An additional element of the stunning 2014 Ferrari laferrari is the combination of energy aerodynamics and the hybrid system with other vehicle control units more powerful. This indicates that the car responds to the driver’s actions to make a smooth blend of unsurpassed efficiency and above-average driving emotions.

2014 ferrari exclusive laferrari algorithms provide an optimum combination of electric motor and the V12 of instant information.  2014 Ferrari LaFerrari. A Ferrari LaFerrari special as limited collection of these “heavy” at the Geneva Motor Show, may not have a good set up any kind of information to make a visual impact, the worth while nothing is left there a Ferrari at the head of the righteous area, randomly in terms of technical functionality and aerodynamics. This was possible, thank you very much for synchronization, even in the early stages of the work, including the installation of ferrari 2014 laferrari goinged styling by Flavio Manzoni and engineering departments.

2014 ferrari laferrari The body is totally awesome, base thing are in the same preferred Luca di Montezemolo, Ferrari reluctantly authorization is certainly also a alreadying available, but can not track the collection of profile, the 12-cylinder Berlinetta, mid-engine longitudinal rear that part of the custom Ferrari are: to design the look of the car, friendly and overall percentages, not just sports prototypes of the ’60s than the P4 330 or 312P. The passenger is limited to the two shafts so that a large balance, while HY-KERS system is integrated into the rear frame so that no spillage on the balance between front and rear projection, and also in the relationship between the size of the curves on the edge of the wheels.

The aesthetic effect laferrari ferrari 2014 very plastic, but, as in the most up to date, Ferrari, it’s quickly obvious attention to aerodynamics and proper air flow, highlighted by many openings in the front, on the hood, on the edge of a loop, the “empty” essentially the masses, and offers to move the hot air from the front and rear radiator.

Developed the outer part of the body to ensure that describes light and heavy damage to the surface “lots” aerodynamic cover and, like a tent, traveler robust cell “egg”, which reflects relative autonomy available in different colors. The front, with the initial wing identified with the center at the tip of the nose, like in Formula 1, and “essentially” a kind of large split grille, playing as an alternative to improve road and the sharp narrowing of the rear window, increase engine 2014 ferrari laferrari partially visible, the side lines, round headlights, cross met at the end of the fender. The introduction ends with a looters during a wing T, which is almost the same repaired installed in the queue, the opening to the rear with a ramp streamlined in the lower wing with four edges prepared exhaust. The aerodynamic profile T is actually chosen a removable extraordinary large wing pylon a backup of the HY-KERS, which displayed only when needed. Ferrari also announced that the new exhibition at the Galleria Ferrari in Maranello, will certainly offer a show LaFerrari development. The new show is called “2014 ferrari laferrari.

The interior laferrari ferrari 2014 has much resemblance to that of a Formula 1 car, especially in relation to the management and brokerage ergonomics adapted sports management, thanks to the participation of the Scuderia Ferrari. Therefore the design with simple shapes and decorations is shown necessary with a predominance of black and red. The seats are fixed to better suit the driver and front passenger, while the column and pedals are large fluctuations. The plates are available with a threshold carbon layer, in order to ensure optimum flexibility of movement in such a way. The steering wheel, a square shape, as collected in 2014 Ferrari laferrari major commands, with shift paddles jump the steering column. The small “bridge”, is home to the functions F1 gearbox has to keep the physique of a wing, while satellite structure and the information unit including telematics telemetry actually been relocated to the first terminal, the second in a remote area in the middle of instrument panel, together with compact instruction environment. The tools have a revolutionary design that is made from a digital display, the choice between the traditional atmosphere with tachometer in the center, or an important and ideal for the bonus track.

2014 Ferrari Laferrari

2014 Ferrari Laferrari