2014 Ferrari Enzo

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2014 Ferrari Enzo –  The successor to the Ferrari Enzo actually connected the pipes over five years and launch creeps more and more detailed daily, special additives are frequently released. The latest data are released united concerns car sales codenamed ‘F70’ and fair Enzo Ferrari sold 2,014 plans with his latest goals halo car. The United States has not really left only one of, if not the largest market for Ferrari. From the name of the brand since 1929, Americans have really wound the Italian brand and as a result of this long history between the couple, the U.S. wants Ferrari essentially aim. Would also certainly the largest automobile market in 2014 sales in passing Ferrari Enzo year.

A business expert, Bloomberg said Enzo Ferrari started in 2014 and some other juicy details offered new vehicle in the amount of $ 850,000 in the United States that the right things in the same world as the amazing Porsche 918 Spyder adds reported. Although the U.S. is the largest market for F70 when programs start in the middle, the end of 2013, less HUNDRED devices are compared expects your method listed here do Enzo 399 units are made a short tutorial on how many his successor will be produced. Ferrari F70 expects a full recovery of the automotive business, as you need to follow the ice for other supercars break and if the reports are to be believed, what a fabulous Ferrari Enzo engine 920HP 800HP include 2014 pump itself or when combined with advanced KERS Ferrari Enzo 2014 combined.

The sequel to the 2014 Ferrari Enzo is very rare and unique hypercar, the Ferrari Enzo, which are presented in the coming year. This vehicle is in the vicinity of any type of automobile road a race car itself, the race which began in the 1980s with the fabulous Ferrari F40 is the fourth generation, could be. It will all know the innovation of car racing and exactly how the recent Ferrari racing cars, more exciting and special to offer a driving experience. It is said that this car will have more than 800 hp, analyze and far less to 1100 kg compared and over 800 000 GBP / cost – that is Rs 6.4 million rupees, excluding taxes and fees.

As measure goes, this crown jewel in 2014 Enzo Ferrari created entirely with carbon fiber. The main monocoque only evaluated, 70 kg, which is 20 percent lighter compared with each output Enzo and the rest of the car is built around it, with doors hinged roof system. The style is expected to be very aggressive and spectacular as it is for a car race, animated cars with vertical headlights and the latest designs especially the 458 2014 Ferrari Enzo and F12 Berlinetta. The whole body is certainly very deep crouching on the back and long front taper away from the plant. Moreover, in the design of active aerodynamics are integrated.

The engine is the 6.3-liter Ferrari Enzo 2014 took the F12 to be adjusted to produce more than 750 hp. In addition, there will undoubtedly additional electric motor will undoubtedly produce about 100 hp and 271.2 Nm of torque, which will undoubtedly be powered by lithium-ion batteries. This increases the motor electric motor, which then improves the performance, 0-200 km / h makes the vehicle more quickly for 10 percent and reduces CO2 emissions by 40 per cent each. Unlike other electric cars attended the 2014 Ferrari Enzo not be able to operate on the electric motor alone. The engine is located in the center of the car, just ahead of the rear axle. The new dual-clutch gearbox and differential are created to ensure that the transmission and crankshaft all feel very low. In addition, very small batteries directly behind the driver improves weight distribution and trying to keep the focus on extremely small.

The placement of the address is like a race car and much less with the driver much straighter and feet. The seat can be adjusted shaped and produced for all consumers. Many commands on the steering wheel with gear shift paddles. The tire steering and pedal box will be modified. Is this new control unit of the vehicle in order to save even charging £ 90th All these features look strong, especially as this new flagship Ferrari would be safe to drive. This may just be the ultimate race car for the road.

2014 ferrari Enzo Redesign

2014 ferrari Enzo Redesign

2014 Ferrari Enzo is a vehicle built after 2014, Enzo Ferrari won the Formula One world champion for the 4th Time and as a car, street, revealing fastest ever made. Along with the celebration of the success of the Ferrari Formula One, which is 2014 Ferrari Enzo to commemorate the founder of the automobile manufacturer based in Italy. Enzo Ferrari could increase at rates of over 350 kilometers per hour, so the car capacity is of two people really hard in the streets. A striking design of the body along with the use of the Formula One again reinforces the view that the Ferrari brand to enjoy the answer for those who want luxury and also rate.

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