2014 Citroen C1

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2014 Citroen C1Citroen has announced Citroen C1 2014 withe new car with a new design, enhanced features and a more efficient engine, the new C1 is a reference in the segment is even greater. Available in Mode 3 and 5 door to transport the introduction of new resources as one of the automotive market in 2014, economic and ecological Citroen C1 city, but still have the ability to support four adults and has a large number of compartments in the dashboard, the center console and the door panels. Capacity can also be configured with folding rear seats and ranges from 139 liters to 700 liters over.

Versatile and economical 2014 Citroen C1 has three gasoline engines is driven by a cylinder 68HP. Equipped with a manual transmission, the new Citroen C1 2013 offers better fuel economy up to 65.7mpg on the combined cycle. Emissions are also improved to just 99g/km CO2, so that the weight of more than 2013 Citroen C1 jams. In addition to the model CO2 emissions below 100g/km first Citroen, Citroen C1, 2013, an electronic gearbox with steering wheel for better handling and driving pleasure available. This version of EGS offers an impressive 62.8 mpg and emits just 104g/km of CO2.

New 2013 Citroen C1 comes with a range of features “Creative Technology”. Technological treats, just for the driver, the steering wheel to the electronics -. First in C1 For maximum comfort, a radio range with a new dashboard has fit the style of the dashboard is improved. With time display, audio CD comes with a new box (the second stage of the series of options and high-end models), all the MP3 and Bluetooth ® is capable of playing. Comes with a USB port on the base 2013 Citroen C1 center console.2013 do connect its official debut at the Brussels Motor Show in 2012.

Change is the symbol of progress. You need to recognize the importance of the change of a conventional design for better performance. 2014 Citroen C1 is the vehicle has been revised and updated second time since its debut in the world of AE class.

2014 Citroen C1 has to transport model futuristic car that has excellent performance for passengers to their destination on time. According to the reports and extrapolated data tectonic a conceptual model is made at a given time for the demonstration. The technical updation was done carefully with the installation of the new LED daytime running lights for better navigation. This little baby has a beautifully appointed cabin, which has an excellent ergonomic steering wheel, speedometer, tachometer and a pair of sun visors.

2014 Citroen C1 Redesign

2014 Citroen C1 Drive

2014 Citroen C1

The script is also durable with a sophisticated sustainable news paper on the deck of the board. The area under the edge’m ensures preservation. Alcantara leather was used to design squad. The space between the first and second series is sufficient. Citroen has the installation of 1.0 liters of gasoline drivetrain driven perfected V3 that is generates enough torque to rotate the distance between the front and rear axles. The prices of fuel consumption is 65.7mpg UK. The rate of 99g/km of carbon stored.

2014 Citroen C1 Release Date

2014 Citroen C1 Release Date

2014 Citroen C1 Release Date

In addition, the 2014 Citroen C1 is conducive to ensure excellent negative camber angle for the formation of wheelbases good traction. Automatic transmission, exhaust system, carbon diffuser, a transmission system kit and breather valve in the futuristic vehicle will be used for a wonderful performance. The technical equipment up to date is very useful for drivers to drive for fun. The damper should be fully reviewed, in order to check the impact of the collection friction. This is the vehicle that is environmentally friendly and economical fuel. The overall aesthetic is naturally attractive car with mind-blowing color contrast.

2014 Citroen C1 Gallery

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