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2014 Citroen 2CV – According to our colleagues developed in Germany, the legendary French model in the process of resurrection can be. 2014 Citroen 2CV in 2014 the market could reach and, in all likelihood, beat, is based on the platform of the Citroen C4. Therefore confirmed and returning the new 2CV is no longer usable than, but as compact vehicle having a length of about 4.3 meters. International named the 2014 Citroen 2CV many similar elements Citroen C-Cactus concept style illustrate this story.

Apparently, the Citroen 2CV was in 2014 are presented as a prototype at the next Frankfurt Motor Show and the launch would be for the year 2014. Of course, the range of engines is no shortage of diesel HDi efficiency. Rumors speak of two blocks of petrol and diesel and a starting price of 16,000 euros. A hybrid version? Whether the French have thought of it. The Citroen 2CV is one of the most important vehicles in the history. It was in production from 1948 to 1990 and has more than 5 million units, taking into account the van versions. The return to the life of the Citroen 2CV in 2014 would be a good news for all fans of the model.

According to a recent report from CAR Magazine, the development of a spiritual successor to the Citroën 2CV which are integrated between C1 and C3. Nicknamed 3 HP, the model could be launched in 2013. In addition, we expect the car to get to the PF1 platform and feature a hybrid drive. In 2009, the Citroen Revolte concept revealed, inspired by Citroen 2CV 2014 also shows that the Citroën DS3 to replace a sedan, a crossover DS4 and DS6 the C6 vehicle, it will start to steal visual concept some movements Metropolis, but a somewhat shorter. New details are emerging about the Citroen 2CV successor in 2014. Auto Image reported that the model mentioned key code, and E3 relative to the C4. The car measures 4.3 meters long and through the design of C-Cactus concept, which debuted at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show, inspired. Engine options were not confirmed, but rumors suggest that it will be two petrol and 92 hp diesel engine with an output of 82 hp and 100 hp.

A concept could be presented at the IAA in 2013, before the production model was (13,000 21,200 / € $) launched in spring 2014 with a base price of about € 16,000 in life. An iconic Citroen 2CV production scale successor at the end of 2013, suggests a new report from Germany. According to Auto Bild magazine, the small hatch is much more developed under the code name E3 and will be built on the platform of the C4.

The report adds that the new model will measure 4.3 meters long, which is almost the same length as the C4. It is expected, however, very different style, inspired by the concept of C-Cactus 2007. The report adds that the head of Frédéric Banzet Citroën described the car as “easy, affordable, modern and affordable.” The Citroen 2CV in 2014 also said to ignore the links retro 2CV originals, put a question mark on the focus is on style. Some of you may remember the little Citroen 2CV Veteran, or “Tin Snail” as it is affectionately known. Well, car image, when the report is based, his successor should be much lower tin worm.

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According to the German publication, the model will use name-key code E3 and C4 platform. Measured 4.3 meters long and borrow style elements C-Cactus concept. A concept in the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show before production startup was demonstrated speculated in spring 2014 with a starting price of about € 16k. Word on the wire is that there will be two petrol and one diesel offerings.

2014 Citroen 2CV recently would have made its public debut next year after new details on the internet for some time. Apparently, the new model will have three engine options include diesel and two gasoline engines with an output number from 82 hp to 100 hp. Auto Bild reports that the Citroen 2CV successor in 2014 based on a C4 model is essentially a name vital key E3. Although the design was also inspired by a C-Cactus concept in 2007, according to a recent report.

2014 Citroen 2cv Sports

2014 Citroen 2cv Sports

 2014 Citroen 2CV Price

2014 Citroen 2CV successor will be presented to the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show this year as a model of mass production. The production version will go on sale next spring at a base price of € 16,000 or the equivalent in the United States, to $ 21200.


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