2014 Bentley Truck

March 19th, 2013 | 0 Comments | Bentley

2014 Bentley Truck – Finally gave up and unveiled a new design for the truck as 9F EXP. The debut at the Geneva Motor Show is a great start, this will be the first Bentley luxury car. The new vehicle will be a new star Bentley in the world of trucks, which will be the continental model group.

More news on the new EXP 9 F, which may be a source of new food products of 2014 Bentley truck. New themes that revealed Bentley, is the traditional design techniques of an SUV, which will be a new car for the year 2013. Accents are designed in a beautiful cabin with 4 +1 seater for a new crossover.

2014 Bentley Truck

2014 Bentley Truck

New features for the 2014 Bentley truck into the compartment includes champagne, not all Bentley SUV. With the new dimension created further action completely new scenario, a picnic table with bench fit 2014 Truck of the new Bentley.

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