2014 Aston Martin DBS

March 17th, 2013 | Comments Closed | Aston Martin

2014 Aston Martin DBS , the launch is expected next year to the end of 2014 Aston Martin DBS will get some drawings of One-77 supercar. Aston Martin DB9 supercar has on the world market in the last 8 years. Meanwhile, DBS, the car was developed based on the DB9, a tower of five years. We can say is, “life” is long enough for a car, especially if DB9 until at least 2015 new stage in the process of a complete overhaul.

The fans do not get bored, Aston Martin decided facelift version of Cycling Plan 2014 Aston Martin DBS. The first member of the DB9 Get new “wind” innovations include DBS is high. In terms of design, the DBS is expected to take a little more of the One-77 super-car. SPECIFICALLY, May redesigned 2014 Aston Martin DBS will be equipped with the new style nose grille, side vents and remove the cores.

Not only new body, Aston Martin nor the importance of the interior of the 2014 Aston Martin DBS. Provides power for the 2014 Aston Martin DBS is expected to produce the V12 to block 530 hp 5.9 liter displacement. Malthus, compared to the previous, DBS 2014 20 hp stronger compared. As expected, 2014 Aston Martin DBS will be available on the market from the end of next year. So quickly on the heels DB9 DBS continues “rain make the wind” in the segment of luxury sports cars.

2014 Aston Martin DBS Look

2014 Aston Martin DBS should have a more modern look than the previous series of Aston and incorporates a rear spoiler and grille assembly, atypical of Astons, then elegant and important media industry car late sixties. Options brands Aston style, like a son spoon bonnet wheels stopped, wind and air with flap in polished stainless steel work purpose. The Aston Martin DBS was the last under the direction of David Brown are designed.

2014 Aston Martin DBS Redesign

His Majesty’s Secret Service: The DBS was used by George Lazenby James Bond in the film 1969th because no previous Bond car, Aston Martin DB5, were seen without entering this vehicle equipment other than mounting a visor inside the glove. In the last scenes of the film, James Bond’s wife Tracy, killed while sitting in the car. DBS seems very simple stage throughout the year in the next James Bond film, Diamonds are Forever. We will see in the background when you phone phone over Q in Bond.

2014 Aston Martin DBS then used in the TV series short The Persuaders, in which Roger Moore character Lord Brett Sinclair made a special bahama yellow 6-cylinder DBS, with alloy wheels and shields differently beens was created to appear later DBS V8 model.

2014 Aston Martin DBS Black

2014 Aston Martin DBS Black

The new DBS then assembled in 2014 Aston Martin DBS DBR9 race specific additional automobile. VH platform developed automobile shares ICT roof, side protection and a wheelbase DB9, but below the BIG 2014 Aston Martin DBS. Visually, the front end is dominated by air intakes and finish cooling ducts cool would the six-liter V12 engine, which updates the game to 510 hp, 420 lb-ft of torque and ended a delivery deliver top speed of 191 mph. The rear is fitted with a carbon fiber rear spoiler and integrated dissemination. Details Alternatives include a six-speed manual transmission and a removable stopwatch. A special helmet pod behind the driver’s seat is a present for Casino Royale yet Version generation. Aston Martin DBS options option year Bang & Olufsen. Together with thirteen active speakers and 2 tweeters with Acoustic Lens Technology.

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