2014 Alfa Romeo Giulia

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2014 Alfa Romeo Giulia – Alfa Romeo has threatened to recover for a while, but CEO Sergio Marchionne this time it is serious about the luxury division of Fiat, a real alternative to German executive facility. Is part of the reason so delayed Giulia is that Marchionne sent back to be major revisions as credible as a rival of Audi and BMW.

“Historically, Alfa Romeo a known for three things: the drive system, the appearance and dynamics,” he says CAR. And the 2014 Alfa Romeo Giulia will focus on these three core values. It is derived on the Fiat group before and “compact wide” all-wheel drive architecture, a platform of the Giulietta, based gasoline and diesel engines extends from 1.6 to 3.6 liters capacity and peppered technology.

2014 Alfa Romeo Giulia is located in the spring of 2014 as a four-door first as the disclosed in the impressions of our artist, but a five-door Sportwagon estate will follow shortly after. And if the impressions of our artists as accurate as we believe, should be a good observer. Crisp lines dominate style, but nice purity to work towards the design studio Design Center in Italy. The Alfa shield grille dominates the front end and the rear end squat is the “Coda tronca” 1960 runner echo.

2014 Alfa Romeo Giulia Black

2014 Alfa Romeo Giulia Black

2014 Alfa Romeo Giulia is part of a plan to return Alfa Romeo to the USA, which might in its largest market. Marchionne has already brand sales rose 30% to 130,000, thanks to Giulietta and Mito models – but adding the Giulia and U.S. dealers the ultimate goal of 400000 unit per year could reach. Alfa is the first to be built in the United States, are likely assembled together with Chrysler.

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